PARA Gap year?

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by November_charlie, Jan 26, 2011.

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  1. Looking to do a gap year with 4 Para any experiences and advice would be extremely helpful.



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  2. Also interested in this so just replying so i get notifications :)
  3. Get fit, go to for contact details and get stuck in. The PSI's are the best port of call for info, not Arrse.

    Unlikely for you to go on ops as some have because 16x are in Afghan now.

    If The_Duke pops in then he'll have a little more info.
  4. The year I would deploy would be 2012 which logically would be the next time 16AA go out as they did '06 '08 '10. I'm getting fit already I run at county level and am in the gym 2 or 3 times a week. Cheers for the advice.

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  5. And to add to my previous post I am in contact with the Paras to try and get sponsorship through uni, I just wanted to know what people thought of the whole gap year program.

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  6. wrong ! !
  7. 16x are likely not to go back to Afghanistan because they've already done 3 tours in 4 years.

    Depends what you want from life.
    If you want to join as a regular officer, whats the point in the gap year? Do AOSB and then join 4PARA for Uni and serve with the Bn and get paid, which will pay off your debts from going on an actual gap year of womanising and travelling around the world and keep you in beer tokens at uni.
  8. There is no mention of the gap year on, is it still running?
  9. I was under the impression that gap year paras didn't do ops.
  10. 16x are to take back the role of rapid reaction for land as dictated in the sdsr report. This is the last bde deployment, however, individual units will still deploy as land assets i.e. All the AAC units etc.
  11. A close friend of mine did in 2008 so I'll assume it was possible for the current deployment. As for the future...where 16x go from here is yet to be seen.

    Ring them! I've even given you the link earlier!