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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by AFC_1992, Nov 11, 2009.

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  1. Hi I was wondering if any Paras or Fitness Instructors could give me a Para Fitness Programme. I have only started running a few weeks ago and I do 2.5 miles everyday, Is there anything else I could do or improve. I really need to get fit to prove that I am fit enough to join the Paras. Please help me out lads. If it helps I am 17, weigh 9 stone and my Height is 5ft 5.
  2. Feck me, this should help
  3. Lol I'm not fat it's muscle mate I am quite a stocky lad and I ain't using steriods
  4. Do a search on here,there's plenty of info about,and good luck
  5. Why not go into the office and ask for a programme ???
  6. Mix it up a bit fella, short uns, long uns and some circuit/interval training. and practise your pull ups and presses.
  7. I have but they havent got one specifically for the Paras.
  8. Look on Amazon for Fighting Fit by Adrian Weale. It has a specific Para Fitness program, IIRC.
  9. I would get it but I haven't got the money to spend on books and stuff. Thanks anyway.
  10. You can get it delivered for £5.80 from amazon. Id be more worried about my financial situation than fitness if you cant afford to part with that.
  11. He's saying your a skinner cnut not a stocky fella. You been looking in them wide mirrors at the fair again? Anyway if you wanna go para reg just keep the running up. Get to the point progressively where you can smash a 5 miler, with the last 1.5 miles being a best effort run (ideally with a time somewhere between 8:30-9:00, but at most 9:30) and you should be ok with the selection processes you have to go through. ADSC is a stroll, PRAC afterwards is what you need to have some reasonable fitness for. Good luck fella.

  12. Ahh thats alright then lol and yes I have been lol
    Cheers fella I will do that, thing is I have always been a short distance runner I am reasonably fast and I have been a fast runner for well over 10 years, I have only just started my long distances the other week, is there any way I could get used to long distances except from running all the time?
  13. What he said! :wink:
  14. You surely can, just be aware that the best way to prepare for something is to practice doing it, so don't neglect the running. The goal is to boost your cadiovascular ability and leg muscle strength, since these two things are what will allow you to hit those long distance runs. Don't worry too much about leg strength, if your legs are burning on a run you can just crack on through that no drama, but if you start to feel like you can't breathe after 3+ miles it's harder to push through something like that mentally. You can firstly boost CV in a normal and fun way, sport. Football with the lads, basketball, cricket, all good stuff. The 3 main alternatives that I suggest you use though when your not running are cycling (in a gym, or on the roads, your choice), rowing (prefererably in a gym) and swimming. If your able to get access to cycling and rowing then try to use a technique called Fartlek, usually used in running. Essentially you just alternate between high intensity and low intensity in say 60 second periods for your workout. Ie, pedal as fast as you can for 60 seconds, then pedal at 50% effort for 60 seconds, then 100% effort again. Do this for say 20-30 minutes, have a 5 minute rest, do the same on the rowing machine, then go cool down and do some laps of the pool and your CV will thank you in the morning. Swimming is great because it really boosts your CV, works all your body muscles but puts very little strain on them. Best of luck!