Para fights for British Title!

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by St.Ledger, Aug 11, 2011.

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  1. Hi All,

    Got some great news for all MMA and fight fans - here at the British Association of Mixed Martial Arts (BAMMA), we've always supported HM Forces (3 of us are ex-serving) and do all we can to support those serving and ex-forces. We've been watching Pte Jack Marshman, 3 Para, for some time and he now will be fighting for a brand new BAMMA British Title at our next event, BAMMA 7, at the NIA, Birmingham, on 10th September. Jack has a professional record of 8 wins, no losses, which is unreal considering he's only be fighting professionally for 18 months! He's taking on an absolute beast of a bloke from Liverpool, Carl Noon, who is on a 7 win streak. Jack is a former boxing champion with a reputation of knocking his opponent out but has got great wrestling skills (won his last fight by getting the other bloke to submit before Jack ripped his arm off!!), Carl is a good striker and has good ground game, so this should be one hell of fight.

    As always, we're giving loads of tickets away to serving members via Tickets For Troops (go to Tickets For Troops - Tickets For Troops for more info) or if you're ex-serving you can get hold of them at Big fight card, 13 fights in total, with Jack's fight opening the live TV broadcast on the Syfy channel. We are also hoping to get this broadcast live on BFBS 2 for all the guys serving overseas - more news to follow. Meantime, here's a poster (see below) promoting his fight, so spread the word and we hope to see loads of you on the 10th September supporting Jack!

    Will post more news as soon as we can.


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  2. Pararegtom

    Pararegtom LE Book Reviewer

    £50 to Hols4H if the Gungie wins.
  3. Outstanding and I for one will be there. All we need now is for the Army to recognise MMA for what it is and actively encourage it as they do with other sports.
  4. I'll have some of that, snap..
  5. Why? Just get down Union St in your skiddies at 2am on a Saturday and you can MMA yourself to death
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  6. @pararegtom & @Hector_Chavez_V - nice one guys, fingers crossed for Jack and Hols4H it is!
  7. A few more will throw a few quid in I'm sure, give the thread a bump now and again.

    If 10 more put in 50 brick its a small family on there hols at least..
  8. Too right - we're doing our best to get everyone away from the bare knuckle tear-ups/cage fighting image and get MMA recognised for the true athletic sport it is. MMA fighters train harder and longer than any boxer ever does, combining multiple disciplines into their styles, many being black belt holders in BJJ, Jujitsu, Muay Thai etc,) and this shows at the top levels of the sport. Come on British Army, do your thing and support MMA!! (we're doing our best on this as well, but as ever discussions take a long time with the MoD!)
  9. I'll put 20 quid on the Parrot winning, he looks rough as ****. Can't put any more in, I'm on the sick.
  10. I'll have a slice of that

    50 sheets if the Para puts the other fella on his arrse
  11. What makes you think I already dont mucker? :eek:) ................... and Im in for £50 too
  12. Pararegtom

    Pararegtom LE Book Reviewer

    Thanks mucker, get well soon ..... BUMP
  13. Will this be shown on pay-per-view? Maybe the broadcaster could make a 'donation' to H4H too!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. Nope, it goes out free on Syfy (EPG Channel 114 on your Sky box), we do stream it out to Canada on a PPV, but we're working with BFBS to have the live broadcast (2 hours long, 4 fights with Jack's fight being the first) shown to all overseas locations. Talking with the local H4H co-ordinators to see if they wish to collect at the venue, as there will be 5000+ people there, plus other options in the pipeline!
  15. They need to get it on TV - BAMMA that is, Dana White are sucking the blood out of the UFC and pushing the prices up, kicking fighters out and trying to create a monopoly of the venture - BAMMA is probably the best chance for some good Cage fighting, plain and simply.