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Discussion in 'Infantry' started by RichardS, Feb 19, 2004.

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  1. Looking out of my office window these past 10 days I have hads 1 PARA wandering up and down. And very warry they look too.

    But why do they all insist on wearing those silly DPM hats in the style of a 1950s Foreign Legionaire? In camp I might add. What is the point?

    And why the attraction with the old style jungle trousers that went out in the late 80s. The new standard trousers appear a far superior item. Most of these boys would have been aged 6 when these were ceased to be issued.

    And why the 58 pattern belt slung low on the hips like a fecking Dodge City gunfighter?
  2. X-Inf

    X-Inf War Hero Book Reviewer

    The 58 Patt belt slung low is in direct proportion to the knuckles being dragged along the ground. :wink:
  3. :lol: lol :lol:
  4. same as the 7 para guys who pre deployment to Kuwait last year were seen in A'shot in their full dessies. Its called posing.
  5. HLS

    HLS Old-Salt

    Why not go and ask them instead of posting it here.
  6. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    No, wait til I get there - I want to video the whole thing !

    Not for evidencial purposes, just so's I can pi$$ myself laughing :twisted: :twisted:
  7. You are lucky it was 1 Para you saw posing...

    3 Para mortars pose in a far different and far more explicit manner..

    Isn't that right HLS :D
  8. Nowt wrong with dresses and high heels: :twisted:
    As for what the Airborne forces wear.. so what? is it upsetting you dear boy.
    As the other poster commented why not go and ask them...its very simple to do.

    I wait for your witty retort with bated breath, however it will possibly go right over my AK hat and suspenders.

    PS don't ask if he is a 3 PARA motarman I watched a WO2 get red eyed just for asking the way to the NAAFI.

    [/quote]And why the attraction with the old style jungle trousers that went out in the late 80s. The new standard trousers appear a far superior item. Most of these boys would have been aged 6 when these were ceased to be issued
  9. Solution to your dilema Richard S is to get yourself some curtains in your office, prefebaly ones with Trumpton soldiers on coz they all look so smart and soldier like in there red tunics!

    Then you can get on with shining your arse and doing what ever you do in your office more efficiently.

    They may not be the smartest blokes, but they have cut the mustard when called upon just study a few Orbats from the not to distant past.

    Deep down didnt they make you weak at the knees and proud to be British?

    Im sure Nurse feels the same about those Airborne Gunners in there Desert DPMs
  10. nope just think they looked like prats.

    yep alot of people did the job they get paid for 16 AA were'nt the only ones out there
  11. nurse,,,,,,,,,,, did one not give you a ring dobey and say thank you?

    Its not called posing. Its wearing the kit so it not taxed by some f*cker who has no desart :twisted:
  12. Hey nursey,
    My son was in the middle of London with his desert gear on, He was dropping his wife of at hospital on his way to the airfield to fly out.Our lads don't usually have room in there gear for civies etc for posing .
  13. what i was talking about was pre op telic 1 when troops were only begining to leave for Kuwait when their Barracks was only up the road. And none of the other units down to go who had dessie kit were wearing it.

    Am well aware of having no civvies and the necessity of traveling in desert kit when going to deploy or comming back. But wearing it down town weeks before you deploy?
  14. Nusre there was plenty of other regiments weeks after getting back from GW1 walking around Aldershot wearing desert what. but then again there are many soldiers walking around with jungel kit on years after comming out of the trees

    7 RHA was on ready to move at very short notice. all unnessry kit would be stored in your followup bag one grip between two the rest would be boxed up and put in the stores. War figting trainning is not done two days before deployment. boots have to broken in admin sorted Weapons zeroed. You would look very silly wearing DBs with C95. ..............Although some did :oops:
  15. The_grand_ dad,
    AK hats and suspenders, I'm into some of that :lol:
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