Para entry run time?

Can someone clear something up for me please i understood the time for the 1.5mile was under 9 minutes 30 but a lot of people on another forum are telling me its 10 minutes 30.

Can anyone clear it up please?

Parachute regiment run times for 1.5mile ADSC run is 9mins 18secs, however they will accept times up to 9mins 40 secs provided you can lift up to the maximum weight on the static lift.

Cheers Easy!
Sandy_The_Guvnor, that's what I was told by a Para Corporal at Lichfield. Maybe he just wanted me to run faster, I don't kow. I ran 8:51 so I was just about good enough anyway.
dont bother thinking about the times as this will make your bum twitch. its a best effort test so run like barrymore has just invited you to a pool party. just dont be seen coasting or you will be seriously bum loved

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