Para DZ Flash

Between 1948 and 1956 the 8th Battalion the Middlesex Regiment were re-roled as 11th (Middlesex) Battalion, the Parachute Regiment. Does anybody know what their DZ flash was - was it maroon and gold, being the colours of the Middlesex? Any help appreciated.
Spoke to the old man about this one he seems to recall their flash being 3 red diagonal stripes on a black back ground (but he's not a 100%), not much help I know, however I do know their first colonel was freddie gough of 1st Airborne Recce/Arnhem fame.

DZ flashes weren't worn during the war. Each component Bn wore a Parachute Regiment shoulder flash, and in 11 Bn's case, a 4 Para Bde flash and 1 Airborne Div flash (along with 10 Bn and 156 Bn).

The best person to speak to about 11 Bn is the curator of the Parachute Regiment Museum in Aldershot.

To do this, call the Ch Clk RHQ PARA (PM for her name and number) and she will get you in touch with the right people.

Good luck!

Edited to add: And they each wore their own Bn lanyards as well.

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