Para Died in Mountain Race

Event dated: 02 June 2007, I hope his family have received the support they no doubt would have needed. RIP.


Uppers was a cracking bloke, quiet but with a great sense of humour. He gave up several precious weekends over a few years to help out on a charity providing adventurous training for terminal/severely ill children.

One of the good ones.

He died doing something he loved to the extreme, in a beautiful (but unforgiving) part of the world, and with his comrades fighting to save him.

I cannot imagine that those thoughts could do much to ease his loss for his wife and family, but in its way, and accepting his was too short a life: that is - in many ways - not a bad way to go.

Unlucky, and so, so sad.

In the midst of life, we are in death.


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