Para/Commando trained Tradesmen

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by plw1970, Oct 22, 2006.

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  1. As an Instructor on CLM courses I come accross many students attached to Para or Commando units, who although have done the relevant hardman courses (and top respect to em for it) turn up on courses thinking they can get away with cowboy practices.

    I want to clarify a few points, firstly the Para helmet..... Am I correct in saying this is worn for jumps only, once on terra ferma the Mk6 helmet should then be worn?

    Booties in short sleeves..... A tradesman attached to a commando who is detached from that unit for a course, if the unit that runs the course is in lolng sleeves then so should the student be?

  2. I can answer your last question, perhaps.

    The myth is that Commando's wear short sleave order all year round because it's to 'climatise' them because they do a lot of training in Normay. I know this is the rule for Royal Marines Commando's although I'm not sure about anyone in the army who has done there all arms and how it works with them...
  3. The same goes for other regimental stuff; berets in particular, unless you're Para Regt or RM. When not in unit, the standard applies. Surely the 'badge of courage' (to quote a colleague) is enough?

    If climatisation is the issue, surely we'd all be in JHW and thermals all year round?
  4. engr172

    engr172 Old-Salt Book Reviewer

    It should be that you follow the rules of the host unit in dress rules, if they are in jumper order, course personell are in that dress. As has been said, the badge of courage sets you apart anyway.
  5. Army commando units follow the dress code as laid down in Brigade orders orders, why we stay in short sleeve order with combat 95 is anyones guess although in my personal opinion it looks smarter than wearing the sleeves down.

    When us in 29 Cdo Regt RA go to RSA Larkhill we follow the dress code at Larkhill except we dont wear belts with our smocks.

    You should try and blend in with the locals even though you not because you wearing a green, maroon or sandy brown!
  6. Surely there should be instructions on dress standards in the course joining instructions, at least then students would know what was acceptable :?
  7. And why would a bloke turn up on a CLM with a P helmet, i thought it was all classroom stuff?
  8. I know that in HCR the para trained guys have to hand in the standard helmet when issued with the para helmet. They also wear the red beret when away on courses and in the Regiment.
  9. Helmets are worn for the exercise phase, platoon SOP training etc.

    Get with the program keebab compass
  10. And why should they not wear their P Helmet if it has been issued, plus a lot more comfortable. Why is it a cowboy practice wearing it on Exercise anyway?
  11. With regards to the helmet. No, the P helmet is intended for use at all times rather than having both (unless mine visor is required).
    Dress codes, surely if they're at a training establishment they stick to the dress rules of the unit they come from... think it is actually written into regs somewhere.
  12. Do you really think that after a jump the troops will have time to look for their MK6??

    Also, are you daft enough to think that with space being a valuable commodity for airborne troops that they would carry a second helmet when ammo and rations are more important, god, a classroom warrior.....
  13. Lets get back to the origional topic, these are tradesmen we are dealing with, joined up to fix things etc. not actually booties or paras just badge collectors who think they are SF.

    Yes they have done the relevent qualification course and good on em! but why do they need to pull their jacket sleeve round on course photos to show of the "badge of courage"?

    I asked a question on day one of a recent course, "Who here is a para" Three of them put their hands up, (all REME and one of them a Tech!), to which I replied, "sorry, I thought this was a REME course"

    Poor misguided fools!
  14. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    And do you think that:

    a) They were shown up by this?


    b) You demonstrated that you are carrying more chips than Tony's?
  15. Again mate, if it's a training establishment they are allowed to dress the way the unit they come from says. It's in regs.
    And no they shouldn't have to swap their P helmets either unless using visors.
    So now they're just badge collectors then eh?