para/commando pioneer

Discussion in 'RLC' started by masher69, May 26, 2010.

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  1. can pioneer's carry out the various all arms courses or is there no need for the pioneer in the para/commando role????
  2. RCMO
  3. I heard a rumour that there was going be some sort of Cdo Pioneers to be based at RMB Chivenor.
  4. Untrue.Only Commando Sappers are there!!!

  5. para/commando pioneer in the RLC? please divulge.
  6. Correctamundo! At the moment at least, as I said, it was on a rumour I over heard - would make sense, bring some more fun to the party.
  7. There used to be a Pioneer Det attached to 216 many moons ago, most of whom had done P Coy. Good bunch of lads.
  8. Not heard that RMB rumour......I know a couple of Pioneers who are Para and/or Cdo trained. You could, as a trained Pioneer attend the AACC and/or P Coy and then get posted, out of trade to either 13 AA Regt or the Cdo Log Regt. Given the extra weight given to a tour at the ATRs you could then go there (Para/Cdo at the ATR go down well).

    You could then go back to 23 Pnr Regt and float in and out of trade, rising up the ranks as you go. Given that you are then doing well for yourself you'll be glad that you were an instructor at an ATR as this is now a pre-requisite to becoming a RSM!

    That said - the impending SDSR (Strategic Defence and Security Review) might see of at least an element of the Pioneer trade (the smart money is on 170 Pnr Sqn) so the opportunities could potentially decrease for the trade. Bottom line - Pioneers can attend P Coy and/or Cdo Cse and doing so only increases your potential in the Corps.