Para & Commando courses, attemptable for spectacle wearers?

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by 94gg, Apr 18, 2012.

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  1. would wearing glasses possibly bar someone from doing para, commando, diver courses etc
  2. Seriously?
  3. I suppose you'd have to take them off for milling.You might end up clouting one of the DS.
  4. depends on the degree of blindness
  5. Looking at your posts you seem to have been "about" to start at a training regiment since October 2010, first as a fabricator in the Engineers, then you must have stuffed the entry requirements up as next you claimed you were going to be an RLC forklift driver.

    It's a big jump up from that to special forces old chap, as that is what you seem to think is going to happen next what with all that commando, airborne and dive training.

    Actualy get fit first, pass the barb test and pass selection for the paras, until then go forth and darken our doors no further with stupid questions, which is what the recruitment office probably told you as well.
  6. Allegedly he's going to 17 pie and maritime, by the time he's spent a couple of months there he'll be too fat to get into a herc let alone jump out of one
  7. Quite what's so ******* hard I don't know, I had a recruiter spunking in his pants to offer me a loadies air despatch job with stripes thrown in and I turned it down as I didn't fancy being bummed to death at deepcut.
  8. you know what dont even bother, every time some one who maybe doesn't know too much about the army asks a question a little naive they just get no help, sarcy comments, why be a dick?
  9. I think you'll find that if you read the posts there is actually a helpful one there,
    I shall even repeat it in large letters for you

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  10. You know that little set of offices where all the trade failures who think they're infantry live? It's called the Training Wing and it's where people who know about courses 'work'. Have you gone and asked them?
  11. Why not ask at a recruiting office where people get paid to answer bone questions?
  12. 2 years worth of shit **** questions and you never actually having bothered to sign up? - no people don't want to help and yes they will be a dick to you as you are avoiding the fact that you actualy have to pass a barb test and get the right run time for the paras, glasses or no glasses.

    I am sure that if we said "oh yes the glasses will stop you from being a para" you would secretly be as pleased as punch as you could tell your mates the story of how fit you are but the unfair bastards won't let you in because of your glasses.

    We have heard all the stories so please spare us further excuses.

    On the spammer register you go with all the other troll backburner accounts.
  13. Now do calm down dear, its only the internet
  14. Can we have this moved well away from the intelligence cell?
  15. Cheers 'theoriginalphantom' wasnt a dig at you,
    as for the others, i have been in the army over a year now, in not an idiot, was it really a retarded question? no. just its something i was considering for the future, if you havn't anything useful to say, dont, no one cares