Para close protection of Royal Family

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by spitlock, Jul 16, 2007.

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  1. As an Ex -Engineer I was hoping someone in here could help me out with a fella down the local who claims the following!!! is he right?? is there such a thing??

    Claims to be Ex-Para, I have no doubts he is, in fact I know its true, blokes down the ex services bar vouch for him

    But the bit where I smell a rat is when he claims to have done close protection for the Royal Family for years and know Charles VERY well, always saying what a nice chap he is! even some of my civvy mates including the thick a fcuk barmaid think he might be lying? If hes right ill back him up as a fellow ex soldier but if not ill laugh at him with the rest of them.

    So my question is? is he telling the truth

    cheers guys

  2. Unless he is working for the Security Services then he is likely to be a walt. Security at one time was done by the Met; Police and they went every where with them. Very many years ago my grandfather was on the Royal Protection Squad.
  3. thought as much, cheers for the info mate,
  4. For the last twenty five years, all Royal protection duties have been the responsibility of the Mets SO14, The Royalty Protection Group.
    Military assets are occasionally allocated to beef up security at Balmoral, Sandringham etc, when the family are in residence, but its not a full time post as your friend suggests.
  5. well he's never talked about been a copper so im thinking he's talking poo poo
  6. Soldiers walting as Police! :D
  7. Makes a nice change!! :)

    Seen the latest news about the worries at the Special Forces Club??
  8. Me thinks that your 'Para' friend is walting himself about a bit. Have a look HERE for some clarity.