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Discussion in 'Infantry' started by MetroZero, Aug 2, 2006.

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  1. can anyone recommend a tattooist / shop for getting PARA tattoo's?

    rather than land on an unknowing idiot i thought I would ask for recommendations from people that have had them done.

    looking for names of shop to contact and location

    thanks in advance
  2. :: WALT Alert ::

    Surely your mates on your Battalion would advise you, or perhaps on 49 Para you keep it top secret where to get inked ? Looked at your 4 previous posts, in 2004 you tried to buy PTI vests and someone challenged you why you were looking to buy them online and were you qualified. In 2005 you asked how to bull boots. Surely in your basic @ 49 Para you were taught how to bull boots. I vaguely smell a rat here with your posts. Early Learning Centre do some excellent kiddie tattoos that wash off in the bath.
  3. I would have thought if you are in the Para’s you or your Para friends would know a good tattooist?

    Please tell me you’re not getting a Para tattoo without actually serving in the Para’s?
  4. How funny would that be...
  5. pvt? and here i was thinking it was pte...

    Is he an oxi mong too?
  6. Standards are slipping im afraid in 49 Para, come on, they know that tattoos can be obtained from woolworths on Aldershot highstreet
  7. MetroZero by any chance are you a WO1 in the acf or ccf?
  8. Yep he is the address changed a few times, his first indeed was pte_golden, then something else, then something else, then somethin........
    He had to much abuse from fellow arrsers to keep the it the same.
    Read the threads in the int forum to see hiis shining examples of literacy.
  9. I'll take a shufti now...

    Should be amusing.
  10. Didn't the walt scumbag also get that tat, or transfer, whatever it was in the wrong place? I understand theres no written rule like but don't most "proper"paras have it on the right shoulder? Deluded fcuk, he didn't even finish phase two...
  11. Hahaha PTE Golden, that was an interesting read indeed.

    I think i'm going to enjoy it here.
  12. Try your "buddies" in "Battallion"......

    Do you have lightweights and boots too? Along with your tattoo and PTI vest you'd look great running through your local park....
  13. Well done chaps, I think we have managed to exterminate another Walt. I have sent him a PM saying what a thrapper he is, so hopefully this is Endex.
  14. We can but hope...