Para Berets

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by tank_6275, Jan 21, 2007.

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  1. this isn't intended as a cheeky comment but is there any reason why para berets are moulded completely different from most other berets.
  2. flat heads due to falls.

  3. Because their heads are shaped like penis's?

    What a daft question.
  4. Esprit de Corps
  5. FFS!!! Can you not look at the other 156 threads on this topic!! The 157th gets a little boring!!
  6. well gee sorry for asking!!
  7. I was told that it was because of brass plate inside the beret that holds on their capbadge (scratches the forehead you see), I was also told from some old and bold that it was shaped in manner as to keep the sun out of your eyes (from Aden apparently).

    Or it could be just field fashion. You choose.
  8. cool cheers
  9. or maybe its for posing
  10. Surely the colour of the beret, cap badge, history and all the other stuff a unit has enables Esprit de Corps?
  11. Apparently because of the width of the cap badge.
  12. So we dont look like hats
  13. Posing as what? Elite infantry? Posing my arrse!
  14. How do you pose with a pasty on your head?
  15. Cos it looks ally as fcuk!
    Look's not just Para reg that shape em like that any more!