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Discussion in 'OTC and ACF' started by commander, Nov 13, 2006.

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  1. Think this may have been asked before but would like the views on it. yesterday on Remberance parade we saw a cadet L/c wearing Para maroon beret but with RGBW front and back badges carrying the Para association standard. On asking we were told quite forcibly told by his uncle also Para that he was helping out the association and as such was entitled to wear the beret. We both think this is wrong as his normal unit is RGBW cadets. Surely to be entilted to wear the maroon beret you have to have passed P Company, views appreciated
  2. Enough said. You have had a walt experience.
  3. BBear

    BBear LE Reviewer

    I don't see what the harm here is.

    A cadet (i.e. a child) is wearing his Uncles headress, but with his own capbadge. It seems as if he's just helping out for his Uncle, and it seems that he also has a great deal of regimental identity by keeping his cadet capbadge.

    Even if he has "maliciously" donned para gear - it's a cadet, who actually cares?
  4. Not quite true, but I agree you have had a Walt experience.

    An RGBWLI soldier attached on the posted strength of 16 Air Assault Brigade would wear the maroon beret with RGBWLI cap badge. It would not matter whether or not he had passed "P" Company.

    In the HQ of 16 Air Assault Bde you will see quite a number of soldiers and officers wearing the maroon beret with different cap badges, many of whom will not have passed P Company.

    On return to regimental duty ( in a non 16 Bde unit) a soldier who had served in 16 AA Bde would take off his maroon beret and revert to his normal headress. The enduring mark of a parachute qualified soldier is his wings.

    The maroon beret is also the regimental headress of the Parachute Regt.

    There is really no reason why an cadet would ever be wearing a maroon beret.
  5. There is no requirement for those wearing maroon to either have passed P Coy or to have jumped. All those associated with the airborne forces wear maroon (glider troops and the members of the GPR, for example). Females attached to the airborne, who have clearly been nowhere near a log in their lives, wear maroon on the basis of there service with the airborne forces.

    On this basis, I can see that there is a point to be debated here about the level of 'association with the airborne forces', and a cadet carrying the association standard is about as tangential as its possible to get. He was still wearing his own capbadge, at least - which is the right way to go about it.

    Right or wrong, if you want to lay into him, at least do it on the basis of fact rather than your own, apparently limitless, ignorance.
  6. It's just a hat to wear these days. The capbadge upon it is what counts.
  7. Plenty of women attached to 16AA wear it so why not a cadet? It's a sign of the times.

  8. Why do you say limitless ignorance we did not "lay into him" as you so crudely put it, just asked why, and as i said the association was happy with it, all I asked was a simple polite question. I do not proffess to know the ins and outs of all units/arms even after all my time served so your remark was well out of order as facts are what the question was about
  9. To clarify the point I was trying to make, and it was not a dig at the Cadet who was one of ours albeit another Coy. it was simply to clarify the rule on the maroon beret as one adult said you had to have done P Coy and another said did not matter. It was not to castigate or start a witch hunt, so for the sensible answers thanks.
  10. Like other people have said, hes a cadet, a child, i think it is worse that you see fat wasters in 16AA wearing them proper ally flat cap style yet have never done P Coy. Like someone else has said too, its the capbadge that counts these days.
  11. I agree and like I said he was our cap badge and like many others that will dissapear March 10 2007, and as stated it was to settle a adult question, which I think we have done now
  12. There used to be a Cadet 'Para Regiment' ACF Detachment at the Shot wore wore the Para Regt Cap Badge on a Dark Blue Beret. I do not know if such a detachment still exsists.

    At the Army Foundation Collage at Harrogate, Junior Soldiers who have been accepted for Para Regt Selection wear the Maroon Beret with a Green Plastic Disk behind the Para Regt Cap Badge. They get this in Week Seven. But have to remove it when they move to Catterick for Pre-Para (P Coy) and get it back on passing. Due to aircraft shortages it is now not un-common for lads to be posted to Para Regts without wings awaiting a course.

    As has been wrote already. Its the Para Wings that count not the beret. Particularly in the Other Arms where you lose the beret after your tour of duty in 16 Air Assault.
  13. Alright snappy, calm yourself. Lay into him you may not have done, but there are examples between your post and mine in which he was accused of walting on the basis of very little other than the posters' ignorance. Read the thread again and see if it's just possible that the comments which you find so offensive might perhaps have been aimed at those answering your question in ignorance. As the man said, there are very few stupid questions, and yours was not one of them.

    As for my being 'well out of order', frankly, you can think what you like.
  14. Of course this is yet another example of why the commandos are superior. You don't get to wear the green beret unless you earn it.

    Shell scrape dug, helmet on, standing by.
  15. I don't follow you. Are you saying Paras aren't as good as commandos because you can wear a maroon beret if you're not para trained. What a silly thing to say! :roll: