Para battledress - request for info

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by Maple, Aug 5, 2009.

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  1. Folks, passing through one of the iffier parts of the local city I found a battledress jacket in a junk shop, for £20 it was mine

    The stores label is marked "No 489 1943 Made in Australia" and it follows the cut of the p40 UK jacket but much lighter but almost totally unlined, a better cloth and slightly greenish. written on the inside pocket (in what looks like marker pen!!) "2761 Rochester 2 BDE CMP." Its badged up right sleeve jump wings with airborne div patch and Cpls tape, left sleeve has matching airborne patch and wound stripe above the cuff. There are no unit badges (what our Rock friends would call 'mudguards) but I think I can make out where they were. On the epaulets are two marks where a metal badge has been. (looks quite short, something like REME)

    The medal bar contains 39-45 Star, Africa star, Italy star, France and Germany star, defence medal, war medal and GSM 1918-62

    Any thoughts?
  2. The Aussie stuff from that era has a distinct green tinge to it, compared to Brit stuff. Obviously mocked up, but for 20 notes, got to be a bargain.
  3. It could have belonged to a member of 2 Bde's Corps of Military Police.
  4. Thanks for that, the stitching on the badges looks like tailored rather than hacked on by some am-dram lot (which was my first thought) forgive my Crabby-ness but who were 2 Bde? Was it common for Australian kit to get issued to British troops? I know vast stocks of Canadian stuff ended up here but haven't come across Australian before.
  5. The only info on 2 Bde I could find was:


    No Aussies, i'm afraid, although you can't rule out that there were some smaller units attached. Have you tried posting in the Australian forum.