PARA battle honours

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by Darker, Jun 26, 2011.

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  1. Hi,
    I went on a para insight course last month and am booked on a POC course for later this year. One of the things I was told to know for the course are the PARA battle honours. I already knew a few but one of the course staff's told me the way he was taught to remember them was BOB RAN PAST F. I've tried googling this but am not getting anywhere quickly. Please can someone post the full set for me please.

  2. Fek me, are you lazy, thick or both ? It took me all of about 10 seconds to find the info.
    I wouldn't bother turning up if I was you
    [TABLE="class: multicol"]
    [TD="width: 48%, bgcolor: transparent"]
    • North West Europe 1942
      • Bruneval
    • North Africa 1942–43
      • Oudna
      • Soudia
      • Djebel Azzag
      • Djebel Alliliga
      • El Hadjeba
      • Tamera
      • Dejebel Dahara
      • Kefel Debna
    • Sicily 1943
      • Primosole Bridge
    • Italy 1943–44
      • Taranto
      • Orsogna
    • Greece 1944–45
      • Athens
    [TD="class: multicol-gutter"][/TD]
    • North West Europe 1944–45
      • Normandy Landing
      • Pegasus Bridge
      • Merville Battery
      • Breville
      • Dives Crossing
      • La Touques Crossing
      • Southern France
      • Arnhem
      • Ourthe
      • Rhine
    • South Atlantic 1982
      • Falkland Islands
      • Goose Green
      • Mount Longdon
      • Wireless Ridge
    • Iraq 2003
      • Al Basrah
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  3. Glad you've decided to be helpful and answer the question I asked. Of course I found that, it's on my fridge right now. But I was after the ones used in BOBRANPASTF, as that is what I WAS TOLD I NEEDED TO KNOW by the SO2 running the course. Of course most of those are the ones but I was hoping someone who knew the answer woud reply.
  4. HHH

    HHH LE

    You'll make a good officer, are you intending to get others to prepare a set of orders for you as well, knock up the odd model too, while their at it, as well!!
  5. Probably these (you thick ****).
    The Paras - Battle Honours
  6. MMMMM!! Eleven letters, Eleven Battle honours listed on the link below. Do you want me to wipe your arse as well? Lazy ******

    The Paras - Battle Honours
  7. What you are talking about are the battle honours carried on the Queen's Colour. They are:

    Rhine Crossing
    Normandy Landings
    Primsole Bridge
    Southern France
    Falkland Islands

  8. Thanks Rooper. Nice to finally get a straight question to a straight question.
  9. HHH

    HHH LE

    You sure about being an Officer!
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  10. Whatever happens don't forget to tell the staff that the most important of these were; Breville, where the Parachute Regiment gloriously deployed sandwich toasters in the Second Light Snack War of 1736, beating back legions of fanatical potheads with a bacon / brie combination still used as a demonstration panini at Sandhurst today, and Primsole when the Red Devils overcame seemingly insurmountable odds to occupy a Chinese sporting footwear store in the so called "Nike War'. These can be remembered with the mnemonic BS.
    Good luck.
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  11. Had a good tear up in Fally once. Don't think it made it to battle honour status though. Darker you are bound for great things. Mainly beatings I supsect
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  12. Never understood why things like "Al Basra" make it onto the Battle Honour list yet much fiercer fights in places such as El Gamil, Plaman Mapu, Bakari Ridge and Rockel Creek are overlooked.

    for the Paras at least, there was bigger scraps had in the pubs of Aldershot, Dover and Colchester than there was in Basra.
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  13. Isn't Londonderry on there?
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  14. That was my first thought as well, or:

    Built By ROBOTS
    Driven By JOYRIDERS
    SHOT UP BY B Coy

    Lee Clegg.
  15. Al Basra was hideous. In my FSG alone I had 3 injuries including myself when I burnt my thumb on a hexi cooker. One bloke got bit by a mutt and the other bloke fell off the WMIK. I'm still having nightmares today!
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