para basic 27th january

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by snakey123, Dec 12, 2007.

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  1. Hi,
    starting basic on 27th january for the para's any tips for training ?
  2. Hey snakey,

    Just sent you a PM

    Keep training hard!
  3. Hey, hows your training coming on? Whats your workout on a typical week look like?
  4. Shut up 5.56mm you little geek! :x
  5. 5.56mm how would u now if his training was sutible or not if you are only intending to join?
  6. he only asked how it was coming along, Jeez.
  7. Yeh! but he is an anoying little toe-rag!
  8. Exactly, didn't claim to be a ******* PTI. Just wondered if I could use any ideas.
  9. Here is an idea:

    Go and play on the motorway!! :x
  10. No I have more common sense than that. As seem as you suggested it, why don't you?
  11. You are obvisouly a By looking at your posts, you are yet to master the art of the English language. Where did I say I would say if it was suitable or not? I didn't! nuffz you have really said a nuff. ooo look I am nearly as cool as you,
  12. ha fantastic did you have to make a forum to get a comback like that??
    now enough off the squabbling its getting tedious
  13. 110% In everything you do.
  14. You are tedious. Go back to your grotty estate, your dumbess is accepted there.
  15. Yuo were saying..............? Bell End!!!