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Discussion in 'Infantry' started by jock1471, Jun 17, 2009.

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  1. Can anybody shed some light as to what the badge on this fellas right hand breast represents. I have seen a few paras wearing them, or the metal version, but can't find what they are for...

  2. American Parachutist wings.
  3. US Para Jump qualification
  4. Correct!,

    You'll find that a lot of blokes have two or even more sets of wings.
    The common ones are American, German, Canadian & French. Only one extra set is allowed to be worn at any one time.

    I know of at least one member of the Parachute Regiment, that had Russian wings.
    There are also a few with eastern european wings.
  5. He should get show-parade,wings on wrong side,Yanks left,Frogd right

    feckin 1Para :D :D
  6. No Gungy!,

    The Yanks wear theirs on the left breast.
    British Airborne wear all foreign wings on the right breast. Dress Regs!
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  9. US Para Jump BASIC qualification. The design gets more exotic and the colour changes as the number of descents and other influences such as 'Jumpmaster' status occurs :D
  10. I wore my German ones in Arnhem once....didn't go down to well and were soon removed!
  11. He he!

    Alright to be worn in Aachen, guaranteed to get your end away :D
    but in're lucky that your dangly bits are not hanging above the bar in the Schoonoord! 8O
  12. Nothing like PERSEC, is there...

    Don't suppose the mods would consider blacking out the poor unfortunates mush?

    There's a war on, don't you know old boy.
  13. Tell me you're not serious? :roll:

  14. That genuinely made me laugh out loud :D :D :D :D
  15. Can ANYBODY within the Army earn foreign wings?

    Or do you have to be a Para?