Para/airborne accident in Jersey, late 70s

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by 12345dave, Mar 11, 2013.

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  1. Hello all

    Following on from the thread on here about the Kiel canal accident, can anyone shed any light on an incident on the island of Jersey in the Seventies in which a number of men drowned during a series of displays landing on/near a beach in Jersey?

    I was on holiday there at the time, and remember watching the displays well. One of my enduring memories of my childhood was standing in the back of (I think) a Landrover firing a belt of blank through a tripod mounted GPMG. My nephew still has the belt and cases I was allowed to collect out the back of the rover!

    Can anyone remember this, or shed anymore light on it? I only remember the details from my Dad, I wasn't very old, and suppose my parents kept the details quiet to not spoil the holiday.
  2. Don't know about the 70's as that is way before my time however Ex Chansplash, involving SPAG and bods from Hereford / Poole was a regular event with lots of PR with the locals
  3. sirbhp

    sirbhp LE Book Reviewer

    there was a terrible accident with the scottish TA paras in the 1970's dropped into a canal on exercise and a few of them drowned . Not sure at this distance but I think 12 of them carked it . Seem to remember a railway tunnel and tracks come into it as well ...
  4. I seem to recall something about a drop in Jersey maybe 77 or 78, possibly earlier - we were on holiday in Guernsey at the time and my Dad was munking about having to pay when he could have come for free.

    Only a vague recollection though
  5. Nobby

    The dates seem about right. I think they jumped over a period of 3 days, and unfortunately one or two guys drowned on each day. I cant seem to find anything about it on Google, although I'm not sure quite what I'm looking for...
  6. According to Higgs Bosun, there's no scientific evidence so it didn't heppen!!
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  7. NO!

    There were many drops in & around the Channel Islands during the 70's.

    No Para Regt fatalities to my recollection!
  8. Sorry mate, this can't possibly occcur as any Maroon Machine character will tell you. Following a military incident, both aircraft and type of parachute are automatically grounded until the Board of Inquiry determine ( and resolve) the problem.

    To suggest that " one or two guys drowned on each day" is nonsense.
  9. HB is a very competent parachutist, being one of the original Pathfinders when Guards Independant were in the role. I wouldn't smile too soon.
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  10. Not trying to cause a row mate... As I said, I was only a little sprog then, so I'm only going on hazy memory.
    cheers for the replies though, it makes things a little clearer..
  11. In early 1976 whilst in training at Woolwich, a funeral party from 7 para rha buried on of the Black Knights free fall team after an accident in the channel islands i can't be sure but i am sure he landed in the surf and died.
  12. Thanks. I do appreciate and hopefully my response didn't 'sound' terse. That was not my intention.

    There are loads of Drop Zones around the Channel Islands, in particular Jersey and Guernsey. There were loads of units in the '70's who engineered reasons to exercise there both on and off the beaches as the post exercise piss ups were something else.
  13. AlienFTM

    AlienFTM LE Book Reviewer

    You have the belt off a GPMG?

    In my experience GPMG has only ever fired disintegrating link. Sure it wasn't a Three-oh Browning? We collected the canvas ( ? ) belts off the Three-ohs when we fired them from our Ferrets but TBH I never found anything useful to do with them.

    Of course my experience of GPMG ammo is limited to the L43A1 coax on a Scorpion so I stand to be corrected.
  14. I was involved a good few years later however I can confirm the piss ups were brilliant, Marquees set up, local lasses in attendance and a free bar. All kinds of bods turning up for a few lobs.
  15. .........Depot Para were regular jumpers in the Channel Islands throughout the 70's.

    Mainly to keep the Depot Instructors up to date & get them away from the Crows for a few days.

    One of the Depot Commanding Officers from that time, has lived there ever since.