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para 2 or para 3 ?

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D.P.M said:
Click on Spaz's Link

2 Para are more specifically a Mortar and Machine Gun Platoon according to that page.
No it just shows the machine gun and mortar platoons in a live fire something or other.

I'd imagine 3 Para would have machine gun/mortar platoons aswell.

From the small amount I've read they look the same to be quite honest.
Well as far as I can find out

Machine Gun Platoon
Mortar Platoon


Machine Gun Platoon
Mortar Platoon
Anti Tank Platoon
D (patrols) Company (reconnaissance)
Sniper Platoon
what about the rifles? My recruiting sergeant told me that there are far more opportunities in The Rifles than there are now in the Paras due to their very limited roll and the fact that there have been no parachute jumps for ages and that the Paras may well dissapear in the near future as there is no need for them anymore.

The Rifles can send you airborne or commando. After I join I am going to try for Commando.
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