PARA 10 Sun 11th Sept 2011

A lot of people up for good challenges here. Try this it's a good one

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That certainly sounds good mate,but I am stuffed for travelling and stopping over night due to my my dogs (nobody will have them),I am looking at a quick day trip in July to do the fandance,and then the Para10 in Sept,and me sponsors would get fed up with my scrounging money off them I think.
Hey guys, I'm planning on doing the Paras10 this year. I'm only sixteen, but I want to try and do the P Coy challenge. I have the determination to do the training (regularly out 3/4 nights a week running or at the gym). The problem is, I am naturally a pretty weedy build. Despite repeat sessions at the gym, and eating as much as I can, as soon as I switched from running (where I could do 10miles in 1h30mins) to using a bergen, (even with just 20lbs) I had massive difficulties, especially going up hill, I experienced lots of pain in my shins, and fast exhaustion (my runs always begin on a hill, because of where I live). Has anyone got any suggestions of what I can do to fix this?
A pointer for anyone running this course for the first time and using a Garmin. The course measures approx 9.25 miles because of the 'undulating terrain'. Your best bet to measure your progress is to note the time at each mile marker.
Oh dear, I seem to have entered this challenge, in boots and a bergan as well. I look forward to sharing training dits!
First training run done and dusted. Three miles of gradual ups and downs with a couple of short 'bastards' to liven it all up. Only running with half weight at the moment though. Last year I did no prep at all and it bloody hurt. Never again!!!


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One 5 miler in with full weight. Blowing out of my arse.
Have signed up me and a mate for the boots 'n' bergen. I suspect he's a natural runner whose done this before. I'm a natural chain smoker who wheezes at the thought of climbing the stairs. Bugger.
Are you the bloke who has registered his team name as 'Me and my big mouth'?
It's slightly concerning that you've already started training....

I shall have to dig out the bergan and boots sometime soon!
It's slightly concerning that you've already started training....

I shall have to dig out the bergan and boots sometime soon!
Two years ago I trained fairly hard and got a decent time for me. All I did last year was a couple of unweighted 10 mile runs the week before. I suffered from the second mile onwards and only just scrapped in under ****.
hmm, I'm in the middle of some decent training for 3 half-marathons/10 mile races, I wasn't going to start adding weight until Aug. Perhaps I should reconsider!
double post mate!


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The tenth annniversary of the Twin Towers approaching and Osama just dead. Glad I won't be spending 9/11 at a public event on a military base surrounded by hundreds of people wearing backpacks!!!

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