Para 10 - Sept 2012

I know there are various Para 10 threads on the go, just wanted to strip this one out separate to try and get some sensible advice.

Im down for the Para 10 this year but due to injury havent trained for the last two months. I know the P Coy time for this event is 1:50 and this is what Para 10 entrants are maybe aiming for, I havent got a hope to hit this time since training has been off the agenda and Im only just getting back to bergen runs again. I would expect to be in around 2:15 or so.

My questions are - to anyone who has done this before, whats the score with coming in after 1:50? I dont want to jack the event totally as Ive got £800 in sponsorship for ABF charities and the like which i want to collect. But I wont get in by 1:50, sponsors are more in the "as long as he completed it" mould rather than "he has to do it in 1:50".

But then again, I dont want to look like a complete knobber.

Any advice / guidance much appreciated. Like I said, dont want to jack it in and if I get round the course and get the dosh off the sponsors I'll be happy.


Hammy just seen this thread, bit late in replying. I would say as long as you complete it. Anyone has an issue with that tell them to show you how it's done next year. 3 hours is the official cut off time but I've seen sloweer times on the official results. Give me a knock if you see 1036! Good luck.

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