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Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by smudge67er, Sep 22, 2011.

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  1. The irony that the most popular thread on here at the moment is about John McAleese (complete with links to other serving soldiers accused of sexual offences) is lost on you, isn't it smudge67er? :)
  2. Who's John McAleese?
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  3. Feel free to produce your evidence that this is the case regarding the ACF. I am sure all adult volunteers would be grateful for your assistance. You can direct it to police, local authority, or indeed to the CEO of a County, Battalion or Sector.

    Basically, politely said, if someone is aware of such and not reporting it, one would question that person's moral values, and indeed wonder just why they did not report it.

    If someone were to know it not to be true, and felt it necessary to make such a comment, my mind, (warped though it might be by dealing over the years with abused kids and with perpetrators), would ring alarm bells with me of an unhealthy interest in a subject which I don't see as entertainment.
  4. Admit it Smudger, you'd love to be in the ACF too, if it wasn't for those pesky kids and you being on list 99.
  5. Colonel at 44. Must be a proper flier.

    I blame those goddamn sexy kids.
  6. Quite so. I checked with Lothian and Borders ACF if they had a transferee from Herts and Beds ACF who had served in JLRRAC, 9/12L HCR pathfinder, SRR WO2 and SASC, oh and my fav' a farrier in HCMR and now wore a Coldstream Guards cap badge in their County and they said 'no'. Yet Verdi, who has claimed all that is still dribbling around that other forum you're on.

    Just how many other people's children has he contacted with tales of his days at the forge in knoghtsbridge or being (almost) a steelie eyed dealer of death in SRR, or a weapons supremo in SASC?

    Not like anyone cares 'over there' as long as the site doesn't get a bad name for condoning billy bullshitters who hang around kids.
  7. The only recent dribbling on that forum, Mr Schadenfreude, and it is an open forum for any to judge, has been posts made under a series of user names, with various self-descriptions and dates of birth, from your own IP addresses and resulting in your ban.

    My reluctance to trust any of your judgements is perhaps understandable.

    I can assure you, and this forum, that any issue which may in the least seem to impinge on child protection on that forum is forwarded to the relevant authorities to deal with and full cooperation with authorities ensue. Proper procedures for such investigations will be supported and they do not include discussion of any possible evidence in public.

    You know from my previous answers to your own dribble almost ad nauseum on ARRSE not long back, that I have advised and will, advise you to do exactly the same.

    May I add that I think it would do credit to ARRSE to consider the ACF as one of its serious forums?
  8. You're a bit touchy aren't you........with kids probably.

    Actually, I don't recall. You're easily forgotten it would seem.

    If memory serves me rightly, the aptly named Mr Court has been in trouble for similar offences of this nature before. Sometime in the 90s?

    Granted that case was dismissed.......but no smoke without fire eh?

    On a side note.....take the ACF forum seriously?!?! hahaha!
  9. Why yes, you certainly may add, indeed, you have added, but your addition seems doomed to go unremarked upon. Please excuse me whilst I address myself to my teabag.
  10. Allow me to number your points above.

    1. odd though it may seem to you, not the case

    2. the dribble of which I was speaking was not yours, so I really wouldn't have expected you to remember such.

    3. not something I think needs commenting upon during a trial, but should Court be found guilty feel free to hang him by the balls, I would.

    4. Some parents of young people drop by ARRSE to find out what it is their kid wants to join when they announce they are off down to the ACF. Likewise, (and accepting this is an adult site), that doesn't stop young people finding it and looking through the ACF threads.

    If through a year one young person who might have considered joining the ACF and pursued it through to a military career is put off by the very limited and much repeated humour/malice (I'm never quite sure into which category to put those few ARRSE posters whose mindset is on cadets = kiddy-fiddling), then in my view that loss is 10,000 times worse than the loss of the same repeated "joke".

    MoD take the ACF seriously; the Army take the ACF seriously, and 45,000 cadets value what they do as a hobby. If you talk cadets in general, there are 80,000 out there, and the Regular Services support them all.

    I honestly don't think it is too much to ask that ARRSE consider that they might desist from encouraging the negative marketing of a very effective Youth Organisation in a forum which it has labelled "ACF".

    The NAAFI is a big place with walls that expand!
  11. Smudge, have you ever actually been to a ACF camp or drill night?

    I don't mean childhood experiences, but adult.
    Have you been behind the scenes and seen wha the adults do for the kids, what the kids achieve and what happens EVERY week (sometimes twice) without pay?

    I just wonder. Why you seem so against the ACF.

    I have an idea, let's sack the ACF. And disband it....

    Wonder what the kids would do then..
  12. Anal loving?
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  13. Yes I have, my neice is in the ACF. I've never met a bigger bunch of kiddy-touching bluffers in my life.

    I don't dislike the ACF. Just the AIs.

    What would the kids do? No idea? Grow up virgins?
  14. Tom, how can the ACF be taken 'seriously' when the great and the good at, the organisation's unofficial mouth piece, with members and mods ranging from CFAV Colonels, Lt Colonels down to teenage kids continue to allow creatures to be members shown to have lied about their regular army back ground and have lied about their current ACF status?

    I can appreciate that this forum isn't going to have its hand forced in this matter, but fact is fact. Verdi, claims to be ex JLRRAC, 9/12L, HCR pathfinder, WO2 SRR, SASC, and of course my fav', a farrier in HMCR in a non-existant rank. That's what he says about himself, both here and the other site. I can send you the links to them if you like?

    He also says he was in Herts and Beds ACF and is now in Lothian and Borders ACF. Yet not one person from either of those Counties with an established track record on here has come forward to vouch for him.

    And yes, I have checked with those two counties, and they've never heared anything so fasical either. After all, a para-trained blacksmith from the Household Cavalry would be quite a character to forget! Would you like me to PM you their CEOs numbers and emails to check for yourself?

    Despite being a walt, despite not being a CFAV in the place he claims to be, Verdi still has free reign to mingle with the kiddies online at the other place. It's good to keep him in sight and I can appreciate that thinking, but can mods see who he PMs and what the content of those PMs are?

    The only thing 'serious' about the ACF is how fucked up it is above detachment level.