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  1. Just a quick one. I sent off my CV and medical forms for my briefing, and got my joining instructions etc by email. I then sent back the confirmation of attendence forms. Should I be expecting a final, cast-iron, 'see you on the day' letter or am I now up to speed?

    Anyone going to B612, 9-10 November feel free to get in touch. Leeetle bit nervous.
  2. You will received your Joining Instructions in the post about 3 weeks before you attend the Briefing. They give you all the information you need in order to get there and take part in everything during the two days.

    Don't be nervous. Just ensure your fitness is up to scratch (10.2 on a MSFT isn't hard), you are up to date on lots of current affairs (and I don't just mean military ones, we got asked about the 2012 Olympics, 24hr Drinking Laws, Youth Unemployment and US Superpower Foreign Policy), and do some practise planning exercises from the AOSB Website on www.army.mod.uk

    Additionally...practise some IQ tests/MAP tests online; you will usually have to pay for the answers/mind results, but don't bother, just get into the practise of doing quick fire questions.

    Apart from that, it's a doddle.
  3. Thanks for the advice mate. Like most people seem to, I'm stressing about the physical tests most of all so must remember to work on the other aspects of the assessment. I subscribed to the Economist but I'm buggered if I can find enough time to read even half of it.

    Just to be absolutely clear: I've had Joining Instructions already and sent back the attached forms. Should I be expecting more?
  4. I don't think you get any more paperwork after joining instructions. If you want to make sure that they've received your reply just give Westbury a Bell as I did when worried about postal strikes etc.

    good luck
  5. I am on 2nd/3rd November and just as nervous as you but I think all will be OK. I had a problem with my medical notes (Caught up in the Post strike) so I actually recieved a letter over the weekend telling me to get my arsse in gear and to get the forms back ASAP! Despite having already sent them.... and thus I am having the same nightmare of sitting in the interview, first question: "Why could you not get your notes back on time", "umm because I couldn't pre-empt a postal strike Sir".

  6. The fitness test should be nothing more than a formality. If you struggle to get 10.2 on MSFT then you are showing a lack of preparation. Once you get to level 9 no matter how nakered you are, DO NOT GIVE UP! You have done the hard work so just keep in there.

    The obstacle course can be done with sheer determination, again aslong as you prepare (do plenty of press ups etc) you shouldnt struggle.

    My paperwork was delayed but nothing was said to me, so you should be fine.

  7. Mate, special delivery is a must for anything that important! Not affected by the postal strike either.
  8. I did! The C.V was sent special delivery and arrived 19th September, which led me to presume it could only have been my medical notes which had been caught up, after contacting the AFCO yesterday my preseumption was proved correct!
  9. Dont be worried about the physical at your briefing. If you find it hard you need to get off your back side prior to going on main board.
    Main board is much harder as everything is a little bit progressive. For example the MSFT is followed by or comes before your pressups and situps.. with not much of a break, also the Ind assault course is outside on main board and is more spread out.
    This and additionally you have the races to undergo, the command tasks that can prove to be rather physical.
    Whatever you do at Briefing.... make sure you do better at main board. Show them that you are improving constantly and thats brownie points. Not meeting one of the physical requirements is not the end but does show a lack of preperation and determination.

    Good luck to anyone thats attending Westbury. Briefing or MB feel free to PM if you have a specific question.

    Oh one last thing... download some planning ex's and practice speed, distance, time calc's that is the one thing you really need to demonstrate you have an understanding of.
  10. By the way, they have a lucozade machine in the accomodation area for a reason. I do lots of exercise, and I can assure you this stuff improves performance noticably. They wouldn't put the machine there if they didn't want you to use it.

    Oh yeah, and don't eat a fatty breakfast. Cereal & Juice is your best option.
  11. Thanks again for all the moral support. The problem with the phys for me is that I haven't actually been running of late; I had a mild but persistent injury that I've been seeing a physio for, and while I've been at the gym or in the pool six days a week for a while now, I've had to do my best on cardio machines because I've been resting my legs.

    I start a return to running programme next week, but November is going to come around awful quick. I will just have to hope that the improvement in my overall fitness will transfer to my running, and pray for adrenaline and endorphins.

    And it still didn't get through? Christ, how bad can Royal Mail get?
  12. I find swimming to be equally as good as running for cardiovascular exercise, however, do remember that the constant pivoting and changing of direction on the bleep test can magnify slight niggles or injuries.

    Krek, regarding Royal Mail, if my father hadn't worked for them for a considerable amount of time I would be persistently cursing them!
  13. Squats are the answer to the MSFT. Since you'll be doing so so much changing of direction, doing reps of squats for a few weeks will build leg strength and believe me you'll notice an improvement when running.
  14. Just standard squats, or with a barbell? I used to do a lot of weighted squats but stopped out of concern for my joints.
  15. I'd say you don't need to do weighted squats, though sticking 40kgs on your back won't hurt. When you're doing the MSFT you're only pushing off your own body weight, so just doing mixed sets of explosive / slow / jump squats will make a difference.

    I've got briefing next week and I'm starting to feel the nerves bite a little, though also looking forward to getting stuck into it after a long process to this point (first contacted ACA in April!)