Did you just lock my thread my by pretending to be one of the COs?

It was a justified thread, about the downfall of the gallery. Tester if you really are a CO, then you can post as such & not hide behind an alias. & Papa, if you locked that threat then you really are a prcik, just like everyone told me you were.
You can lay in to each other all you want in the rough section but not here
Read the thread ,Get your fat arse in the NAAFI (if it will fit through the double doors.) for some unfinished buisness.

And stop PMing me reference my age and TIS its got Feck all to do with you, your just after favours......

I closed the thread because of the posts following your first one. Note the last line about fair post Gado, point noted etc.

Oh and while I'm on, I'm interested: You said we have turned the site like all the others, or somthing similar. What others?

To repeat my other point, we're also damned no matter what we do. If we try and impose some order and standards in the place, people shout that is isn't what it used to be, if we let it run people shout that it isn't what it used to be. What would you do to avoid it becoming like all the others? We still try to strike a balance, which we get wrong sometimes, but the aim is to provide somthing for everyone by splitting the site up. Ultimately if you don't like some particular parts of the site then use others.

As you can probably tell, the 'it ain't what it used to be posts' get pretty wearing, especially when there is no constructive input. It isn't what it was - it's bigger, more users so faster changing content, more reliable software and various other things. Mostly good.

With more users we have lost a bit of the original 'family atmospere' although have regained that is some areas with the hidden group boards. With more users we have more good content and more utter sh1te. There are any number of users who could do the site a great favour by using instead (I think Geordie-Blerk gets my current "ARRSE's greatest c0ck" vote, but some of the mods disagree so he's still around).

I'll also repeat a point from my other post. What damages parts of the site in my opinion are 'try hards'. ARRSE obviously attracts all sorts, but my own rose-tinted recollection of 'what it used to be' didn't include so many people trying to show to the world how 100% 'ard' baby-eating women-hating vomit-drinking squaddy they are. We've always had nutters, walts etc, but when did this particular group surface?

Papa is a decent lad (when you catch him on the right mood). Your not making it easy for you fullstop. There is no stopping "porno type" pics entering the Gallery. Don't like it don't look at it, nothing else that can be done unless the CO's decide.

Bless GoodCO, think he is about to pull his hair out!

Cool down and have a JD on the house :wink:
I've just been looking back through a few pages of the latest pics in the gallery and can't see anything very offensive. Basically we don't take full frontal nudity or porn (some danger-close recently removed from the NAAFI too) and regularly refuse pictures. You can't please all the people etc. I think we still get more 'great site' comments than complaints in emails, which isn't a bad sign.

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