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Military chopper lands for burgers
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CBC News
A Canadian military helicopter lands near an A&W in Kenora, Ont., for burgers Thursday. (Submitted by Todd Madison)
A Canadian military helicopter pilot with a sudden hankering for hamburgers set his aircraft down on a Kenora, Ont., baseball diamond, and walked into an A&W restaurant across the street for a takeout order.

"He ordered four papa burgers with cheese combos and two papa burgers on the side," server Stacey Hawes told CBC News on Thursday.

The pilot was nice and polite, and made it seem as if he was just driving a regular car, she added.

Laura Madison was in her house in Kenora when she heard the whirring noise of the helicopter blades just down the street. When she looked out her window, she couldn't believe her eyes.

"It's a huge double-door … helicopter, which you don't see landing in the middle of town every day," Madison said. "He went in and got some A&W takeout and took off. So we're laughing because it was the strangest drive-thru we've ever seen."
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