pap10 ???? medical discharge???? admin discharge due to med reasons???

Hi all.

Here goes, Ok so back in 2008 i was diagnosed with Crone's Disease after many trips to various hospitals and many tablets later that My Regiment transferred me to the PRU in Catterick back in 2012 where i am still attending.

I applied for AFCS for my illness and i was awarded a war pension which i am currently receiving, the reason i get this is because i left the army back in 2004 and re-joined 2005 so the SPVA are giving me the war pension because of the break in service and have admitted that my illness was attributable to service.

Yesterday i had to see the Occupational Health and had a medical grading review, which they said i will be p7 MND and i am to return to so form of work doing a few hours 3 days a week to ease me back into it. They then mentioned i would the be Administrative discharged due to medical reasons (KIck in the teeth )as i was led to believe i would be medically discharged (Benefits and pension).

16yrs service (correct me if i am wrong) for nothing feel like i have been threw in the trash, All my career reports are excellent and i was well on my way through the ranks.

Can someone explain what benefits and pension or lump sum i am due to receive if any.. i am not looking at figures just info.

and plus the SPVA have said the service is to blame will this make any difference to med discharge or admin discharge pap10.

I thank you all very much for the help you all give and hope someone can shed some light.
I suggest it's not a tactic you regularly employ.

It will get you banned, which won't help you at all.
If you phone SPVA I am sure that they will help you and or have a chat at the PRU or even and yes it's hard to try using the search box.

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