PAP (Privatly Arranged Passage)

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by LongJohnSilver, Mar 25, 2008.

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  1. Guy's and Girls

    I have a question if I may, I have looked through the JSP (752) on PAP, it states that a Ferry cannot be claimed (at public expense) for the transportation of a Private Motor Vehicle when PAP has been granted.

    I have an officer recently posted in who was granted PAP by her losing unit (overseas) for Medical Reasons (I also know that the JSP states that they need not apply for PAP under this circumstance), however, the officer in question in understandably perterbed by this and I need clarification on this issue, can they claim for the Ferry, which they took under the advice of the losing unit (I think that I could more than likely submit a case through the JPAC PACC because they could have driven the whole way, however, at this stage I am fishing for answers) even as passengers, forget the car, or can the officer claim the total miliage up to the capped amount of the flight issued through DPRC, or is there no claim now admisiable for this portion of the PAP.

    The losing unit have told the individual that they can claim the Ferry (the JSP does not make it clear, yet again), any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    Another issue steming from this was that the subject individual had 2 cars owned overseas, the losing unit have told the individual that they can claim twice, as the claimant is medicaly unable to drive, for the spouse to claim another journey to pick up said second car back to the new assignment location, again, nothing in the JSP over this, and I think that they have misadvised the officer on this.

    Personal choice to have 2 modes of transport, regardless of the driving state of the claimant, I will stand corrected, indeed, be happy, if I am wrong.

    Again, any advice welcome.

    Thanks in advance


    NB - Any references would be welcome.
  2. Can't understand why 2 cars if only 1 driver!!!

    Olden days under RAAC there was an entitlement to claim for 2 cars on posting within UK. I'll see what else I can come up with.

    Again on past experience when in Cyprus we had an individual posted in who couldn't fly (had his wings clipped I think!!) thought he would drive over and claim on arrival - briefed by losing unit that this would be OK! We eventually got authority for him to claim all costs, ferries included but only up to the cost of the notional flight for him & family also no subsistance allce.

  3. Thanks PW, I have looked at the JSP, it states that a Ferry, for the Private Vehicle, is at own expense, unsure if they can claim as foot passengers, the JSP, is, yet again, unclear..

    As for 2 vehicles, I am at a loss as to why they would have told this officer that they could claim a second time for the spouse to come out and pick it up, surly that is a personnal issue (having 2 cars) and should not be claimed for at Public Cost.

    Any advise greatly appreciated.
  4. Just had a shufty at JSP752 - PAP must be one of the worst written bits!! eg:

    04.1001. Aim. The aim of a Privately Arranged Passage (PAP) is to provide assistance towards the travel and subsistence costs incurred by Service personnel and accompanying immediate family when, for personal reasons, they are authorised to travel on duty by other than the official route (eg to permit a stopover en route, or to allow ferry travel in lieu of air travel so that a private motor vehicle can be transported (at own expense)).

    which part is supposed to be "at own expense"? - could be read at least 2 ways!

    I recon you will need to submit via JPA PACC

    Found this bit though:

    04.0612. Service Person and Spouse/Civil Partner Owning Separate Cars. Where a Service person and spouse/civil partner each own a private motor vehicle, MMA at PCR may be paid in respect of both motor vehicles for assignment journeys within the UK and within overseas theatres. Mileage allowance will not be paid in respect of any private motor vehicle belonging to any other member of the household.

    Although if both cars belong to the spouse as the Officer cannot drive they may be on dodgy ground - unless this is a temporary medical condition??

    Hope the above is of some use

  5. Cool (and it's not temp, and it is quite possibly the worst written Reg thus far), however, this assignment was NW Europe to the UK, and looking at your last it would elude to journeys within the UK and inter theatre moves, not from theatre to theatre.

    I think that they have been totaly misadvised, a pisser really, however, I will submit a case through the PACC and see what happens, one can but try.

    And to date they have been very good at upholding misjudgement cases.


  6. which part is supposed to be "at own expense"? - could be read at least 2 ways

    You can't can you, it is complete rubish, I think that I will see what the PACC say and take it from there.
  7. I'd leave it 'til the morning though!

  8. Sweet Lord, damn right, Night Night.
  9. Enjoy JPA version 6!!!!!!!!!
  10. Can't wait!!
  11. When will they stop?????
  12. Doing this from home so, thankfully, I do not have access to the JSP but cannot quote Para...... The officer did'nt come from Germany did he as JSP 752 states that PAPs between UK and Germany are not permited.
  13. Nope, not from Germany, anyway, resolution complete, I contacted my Bde and they advised that although the Regs state that no Ferry is admisiable, unless coming from an embassy/attache and the such, as personnel who have been posted to and from this particular establishment have had their ferry claims authorised in the past, it would be unfair to disadvantage this individual and we should honour the claim, which I totaly agree with, however, the question on future claims will be raised to Higher Formation.

    In addition, the 2 cars claim is a no no, as suspected.
  14. LJS,

    I assume you have the branches response in black and white - to attach to the claim for posterity!!

  15. PW, absouloutly, I emailed them the synopsis of events, I await the reply.