PAP 10

I have been sick recently and have been signed off sick A lot of days for the past 2-3 months ( I can’t say specifically for how many days), sickness is due to mental stresses caused by the army. Medical doctor told me today to come back on Monday for a pap 10 form. What is a pap 10?
It means your PULHHEEMS grading which is both Physical and Mental is being reassesed. Unless its changed already you will be P2 which is medially fit, able to deploy. After the PULHHEEMS assessment this will probably change to P3 or P7......Im guessing so dont quote me, thats what the medical professional will do. They are protecting themselves and you. Many a time as a Admin Sgt long time ago had me dealing with this.
Strange they called it PAP10 when that doesn't exist/ get used anymore - the policies have been updated for retention, but as mentioned they are likely going to do a medical grading (Appendix 9).


PAP 10 was the 2010 version subsequently overtaken, eventually, by AGAI 78 which is now your friend.


PULHHEEMS ADMINISTRATIVE PAMPHLET (PAP) MANAGEMENT INFORMATION SYSTEM (MIS) is the IT system used by the army to manage those downgraded within a unit through assessment of a persons functional limitations whilst downgraded whether Permanent or Limited.

You‘ll likely be given an appendix 9 showing your employability whilst downgraded.