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I have just been informed that I am to be discharged from the Army under PAP 10. I know this means that I will have to leave the Army & find other employment. What i'm a little confused about is to wether I would get any financial benefits from this? I was looking at apllying for the redundancy in January but this has now put a stop to that.

My injury came from an accident I had around 6 years ago or so where I fractured my L2 Vertabrea & since then my back has never been right. This has been an ongoing issue for me & now it has finally come to bite me in the arse. Any help with this would be grately appreciated.


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You get discharged on medical grounds so you get an immediate pension (based on your current rank/length of service/pension scheme) plus obviously any war pension/AFPS you are entitled to because of your injuries.


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If someone gets MD on QRs9.385 do they get the full medical discharge or is it SNLR ? Cheers

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The quote below was taken from QR's available on ArmyNet and appears to be self explanatory:

9.385. Ceasing to Fulfil Army Medical Requirements, that is Medically Unfit under Existing Standards.

a. The competent military authority to authorize termination is the Director General Army Personnel Centre or in the case of a soldier who has not completed Phase 1 training, the commanding officer.

b. The Armed Forces Act 2006 Statutory Instruments govern this authority.

c. This paragraph applies to a soldier whose medical category falls below entry standards for a recruit or
employment standards for a trained soldier appropriate to his corps, employment and length of service, but is
nevertheless not so low as to render him unfit for any form of Army service.

d. A soldier graded as in sub-para c is not to be terminated if further employment for which he is medically
acceptable can be found for him in his corps. If this is not possible and he is medically acceptable and
recommended for transfer to another corps, the case is to be referred by the commanding officer of the unit in which he is serving to the APC.

e. If other employment in his own corps is not possible, and if transfer to another corps is not authorized, the soldier is to be terminated under this paragraph. If a soldier is unwilling to accept other employment within his own corps, or to be transferred to another corps which has expressed its preparedness to take him, then he is to be terminated under para 9.414 and not under this paragraph.

f. AF B204 procedure as laid down in the pamphlet Medical Documentation in the Army Medical Services 1995 (Army Code No 61416), paras 0526 - 0528 is to be concluded prior to submission of applications for termination on AF B130.




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