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Discussion in 'Armed Forces Pension Scheme' started by oxygna3, May 10, 2012.

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  1. I have just been informed by my unit that I will be med discharged under PAP 10. However, all they could tell me was that it will be in aprox 6 months and that I will be given full resettlemet etc. i have served over 19yrs and am on AFPS75). Regards pension / lump sum, they did not know a thing. I have spoken to the RAO who has taken it on board but has not yet got back to me.

    This is of huge concern to me as it is the most important bit to me but the system can, sofar, only confirm the details which are in the interest of the Army. Additionally, predicting this happening I have written to the Pensions agency on two occasions over the past few months requesting details but neither letter has been replied to.

    Can anyone shed some light on this?
    Thank you in advance
  2. Any chance you could use the search function before I kill you, myself, and the whole of N Yorks when I shout ******* HELL ARE THESE PEOPLE FOR REAL?

    Just asking, like.
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  3. I just saw my own ARRSE there didn't I?
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  4. What? I did use the search engine but did not find anything of relevance - Hence, my post. Now, do I really need to explain my actions before I post something on here, or does anyone actually have any sensible advice on this matter?
  5. Armed Forces Pension Scheme

    Try any of the threads on here.


    I swear to God that you lot are laughing at me.

    PM me if you want.
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  6. And if you'd been nice he might have bought you a pony.
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  7. The question you posed and answers you are and will be looking for are all over Armed Forces Pension Scheme as The Snail says; unfortunately it takes a lot of searching for as people keep starting threads without searching fully thereby adding to the time taken to identify the information you seek!

    I'd suggest thoroughly reading the top threads, taking notes where needed, and if you're still confused pm The Snail, me, dingerr or any other of the regular posters to these threads. The collective knowledge on the medical discharge process, War Pensions and AFCS is awesome to behold!
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  8. Oxygena3 I have got to admit there is a host of relevant material already available to you.

    You need to do a bit of research mate.

    The information that is provided by The Snail, Dingerr and EScotia has been gathered through personal experience and is exceptional. Furthermore, it will save you endless hours on the phone to the SPVA or hours stood talking to Army fuckwits who haven’t a clue.

    You will not be out in 6 months more like 18 months so you will have time on your hands to research and formulate a plan of action…….

    Good luck anyways…..
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  9. Thanks for your replies all. Snail: PM sent.
    thegfunk: I've been told to expect to be out in 6months - 8 at the very latest.
    So far I have contacted AFCS, AFPS, Unit Welfare, Unit RAO, Unit Adjt, Regt Adjt, PAP10 Briefing Note help desk and no-one can offer any advice on this. I have also now conacted the British Legion and am awaiting a response.

    Update: I have now heard back from the legion but they do not get involved with what happens within the service, therefore, cannot advise on how to pursue the matter.
  10. PM sent back. I only replied to one though. You've not quite mastered this PM thing yet have you?
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  11. Ha! Sorry about that snail and to Escotia too! I was using my banger of a works laptop and I didn't think they were sending. Thanks for the info - very useful stuff! I've spent the whole day phoning around places trying to get answers. I've made up a folder with all the relevant POCs now so I can keep on top of the relevant people to chase up. Refs PRU - I had never even heard of that before - it hasn't even been mentioned. As far as I am aware I am just waiting on the App22 coming back from Glasgow with an discharge date on it.
  12. No problem, if you come across anything not covered in any of the other threads please post. Info & advice is always welcome as it helps other through the maze of a medical/admin discharge/AFCS/WPS.

    Ref PRU, did I not send you AGAI 99 - Command & Care of Wounded & sick Personnel?

  13. Great stuff folks - especially the examples page. It'll take me a while to sift through most of that but it does clarify things more. Regards LSAP - does anyone know how that works after PAP 10? i.e. is it deducted from any lump sums received, or is it deducted from any monthly pension?
  14. According to the lovely shiny booklet the SPVA sent me:

    I quoted them there, not me!