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Discussion in 'Armed Forces Pension Scheme' started by DIXIE76, Apr 19, 2012.

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  1. Please, I know it's like flogging a dead horse but could any admin staff give a steer in the right direction. Looks like I'm going to be PAP 10 at some point under admin discharged under medical grounds, i have served 18 years on the AFPS 75 will i be entitled to any sort of ip or will it preserved until I'm in the 60 age group. I also have loss of hearing nothing above 150 db if that makes any sense in my left ear any ideas on compo for that. A lot of Qs i know but sometimes it's quicker to get the answer on here.
  2. You're obviously still serving so you should have access to a Dii terminal with which to read PAP 10 v3. I'd also suggest you read JSP 765 (AFCS) which again is available through Dii and take a look at the links posted in other threads e.g. veterans website, UK legislation website etc.

    I'm not trying to be dismissive but you haven't really given enough info to make a reasonable guess on your potential entitlement, more than likely for very good reasons, but I'd really suggest you first speak to your unit admin staff with whom I'd hope you can discuss things a bit more freely.

    As for your hearing, battling for hearing loss compensation can be quite difficult however the potential level of compensation can be ascertained by reading JSP 765, if the hearing loss happened post April 2005, if it happened pre April 2005 it comes under the War pension Scheme.
  3. Also, spk to your Adjt as he/she is the SME.
  4. B_AND_T

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    Just slightly off topic. Could there be an argument that due to being PAP 10d because you are unfit to carry out your job, would you be within your rights to cease going to work pending discharge? Just asking.
  5. Not unless it's really bad. MND(P) will kick the process off.
  6. The short answer is no. Reason is the OP is being administratively discharged because he/she cannot do the job for the PID they are employed against, not because they can't do any work or it's not safe for them to work.
  7. B_AND_T

    B_AND_T LE Book Reviewer

    But to be PAP10d you must be unfit to carry out you current job and are not suitable to work in any other areas.
  8. Not quite correct. As part of the admin discharge/PAP 10 process if your PES is lower than your CEG requires you can apply to stay in and be transferred to any Arm/Corps that will employ you, Chapter 10 of PAP 10 v3 refers.
  9. You've lost my phone number again haven't you?
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  10. B_AND_T

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    But if he can't be employed elsewhere?

    Sluggy, it's at home.
  11. Chapter 10 of PAP 10 v3 is your friend!
  12. Looking into hearing loss myself, some may find this interesting with regard to how loss is ACTUALLY calculated. It is not a %.....also if you are in the Med Cent dont just ask if you are h3 h3 but what is the decibel range. If you are told your loss is 50db then that means you cannot hear anything below this,

    EG the simple scale is as follows.

    Normal hearing down to 20 dB
    Mild hearing loss 21 to 40 dB
    Moderate hearing loss 41 to 60 dB
    Severe hearing loss 61 to 90 dB
    Profound hearing loss below 90 dB

  13. Could anyone be able to tell me if you are given P8 grading (medical discharge) on Full Medical Board, do you have to come to work? My unit has conflicting view about this as the RCMO and RMO think you don't have to come to work but on the other hand my company OC and 2IC (who is also a Welfare Officer) think it just means I am unfit for work however they can still allocate me some other tasks such as a runner. On Full Medical Board I was told to start de-kitting. Could anyone direct me where can I find the answer for this? Many thanks//
  14. You should have been given a copy of PAP 10 Annex 10 post FMB which should indicate the medical boards recommendation whether you should:

    a. Remain in Hospital
    b. Proceed on Leave
    c. Remain on Leave
    d. Return to your Unit

    This should have been distributed as follows:

    CO/OC unit
    Col Relevant MS Branch
    APC Medical Discharge Cell MP 445

    If you haven't got a copy, ring the Med Board clerk, you can get this from your Med Centre if you don't have it already.

    Hope this helps.
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  15. Further to my post above, from PAP 10 table 7:


    P (Physical) JMES MND -
    Medically unfit for Service.
    The individual fulfils one or more of the following:
    - Unable to perform the individual’s primary employment/CEG with reasonable adaptation and restrictions.
    - Unable to attend work for 32.5 hours per week.
    - Employment would exacerbate the individual’s condition and have a significant effect on the individual’s health.
    - Unable to deploy, including on local exercises in any capacity.

    U (Strength, range of movement and general efficiency of upper arms, shoulder and upper back) JMES MND -
    Unable to write, use a telephone and operate IT or other office equipment.
    Unable to pass a weapons handling test.
    Unable to wear full current in-Service operational body armour or the minimum theatre entry standard body armour.

    Should your unit not be following the advice of the Medical Board and you believe what they are doing may be detrimental to your health or impeding any potential improvement/recovery, then discuss this with your unit CoC and make sure they are aware that should this continue then you may consider taking legal action if you suffer problems as a result of their actions.