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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by LGEE, Sep 18, 2011.

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  1. My husband is being medically discharged under PAP 10.

    He was told as from 23/07/2011 that he was no-longer permitted to work within his department. He has seen the relievent people and resettlement. But he as been told that he is not permitted to start any new job until his discharge date of 28/12/2011.

    Is this true ? He has had numerous conversations with the people within the regiment, and no-one has any answers.

    We have been told that his compensation and pension is being sorted, but they will not say for how much or when we will recieve anything. Our bank has said that we can have a morgage, but of course you need a deposit and a regular income, and for us the main income will end in January 2012, and we shall be homeless as will have to move out of our married quarter with two children. HELP !!
  2. there are a number of MND bods where i am. not a single one of them has done anything to aid their deployability. i have no sympathy.
  3. Bit of a twatish statement. Do you know if her husband is one of those MND persons where you are and are so qualified as to judge them on their medical status & ability to improve their deployability?

    OP asked for Help (and I take it advice) so all you can say is that?

    LGEE, get him to speak to his admin dept or ring SPVA Norcross himself. He should know well before discharge what his entitlement will be as he should have the opportunity to challenge his payout if he thinks it wrong.

    You can always notify your unit Welfare Officer of your intention to overstay in your MSQ until it is sorted. I suspect doing so may focus the units' mind somewhat but if they get annoyed as a result what can they do, discharge him?
  4. You should ask for a transfer to the families office...

    LGEE, speak to your AGC det (well, get your husband to) and start noting what is said, when and by whom. Ask for an overstay in the quarter (as EScotia suggests) regardless, it will give you an extra three months of housing, perhaps to sort out mortgage, etc.

    Google spva and you will find information regarding things like service leavers packs etc.

    This is YOUR future now, and it isn't like it will affect his promotion is it?, so by all means ask the questions you with to be answerd.
  5. Twat
  6. Please for the love of God don't start this one off again. It's highly likely that the OP doesn't know stacker1, it's probably best to keep it that way.
  7. Never judge unless you are privy to all the facts.
  8. Thank you for you time, much appriciated.
  9. @ LGEE

    having gone through the discharge process last year i can tell you that if not done so already you will need ot notify the housing office (DHE or SSO) they will issue you wiht a 96 day notice, the notice period starts from the day of discharge (Medical discharge process only), after discharge date you will be required to pay an elevated rental (mine went up by £7 a day). if you are polite and liase directly on a regular basis your sometimes allowed ot remain in the MQ for indefinate periods (circumstances dependant)

    regardless of anythingelse it pays to have a saftey net, a medical pension will rarely be enough to maintain a familly home where a morgage is in payment, so do yourslefe a favour get hold of the council in the area you wish to settle and register on there housing list (theres legal reasons for doing this as well) by all means look for houses ot purchase but be realistic i found out what my pension was less than 3 weeks before my discharge date (oddley not down ot me somehow spva lost the paperwork 4 times).

    get help from housing options, attend a briefing if you can, stay in touch with the unit famillies office and have a good read of the transition to civilian life book (if you dont already have a copy then enquire about it there meant ot be given out at the final med board)

    once your on a councils housing list you hsould be given access to there choice based letting system (dont worry about the finacial details on the application form, most counsils will let you inform them once you know them) start bidding on houses imediatly and if required show up to interviews, ring them regularly (once a month untill a forghnight before discharge at a minimum) dont make yoursleves homeless by giving up the MQ volantarily as it will count against you, wait untill either you have somewhere else ot go or a court application is made (its amazing how fast the social housing system starts to move once the eviction process is under way).

    try not to loose hope, it feels a bit like being put through the grinder when you have no idea about anything thats going on and are rather helpless to influence the course of action. as regards the pension, a lump summ should be recieved with 22 days of discharge date (normally within 7 days) and the monthly payments should start at the end of the month, any remaining pay owed should be recieved sometime in the month and a P60 issued in january (for dec discharge). if your struggling ot cope wiht paying the rent on the mq speak to the housing people they will allow you to make ad hoc payments especialy if your applying for housing benefit (get the app in the week before the discharge it will be come payable from the monday after otherwise).

    hope things work out for you and remeber if all else fails there is always the application ot occupy the army's saftey net housing for 3 months (for you to get evicted from the current MQ the DHE has to prove you have done nothing to get rehoused, and that they have been able ot ensure your not made homeless).

    dont fight the system work with it and be polite, people react and will feel more inclined to help if your proactive, and dont pin your hopes on buying a place of your own unless your other half is garanteed a massive payout under the AFCS.
  10. My comments were aimed at 4 thieves in my current grid square who are guilty of crimes against oxygen. I humbly apologise to the OP for any confusion or unintentional distress.

    In the past 12 months i have seen blokes move heaven and earth to get themselves deployable whilst others have literally lived the dream on extended sick leave and have added no value; £200k+ of taxpayers money well spent...
  11. Were those 4 people at your 'current grid square' the OP or even on this thread? No. Then now you can figure out where you went wrong. She asked for advice not a p3nis with a c0ckstand about something.
  12. i cant help but wonder why they took 12 months to given a tablet, the old system took 6 months + to identify someone malingering and then another 12>18 months ot get rid of them, the new system was designed ot make it easier, a lot easier for local comanders to bin them via the admin route in a only a few weeks but not more than 6 months.

    not knowing the specifics here but i wonder if perhaps your viewing things through blinkerd eye's, as someone who spent a deal of time being called of lot of things and accused of malingering etc, i can honestly say all that did was actually stop me trying, it wasnt that there wasnt a geniune reason for being unable to "work harder at the problem" more that i should of been released a lot sooner than i was no thanks to some quack who thought desk work only actually meant you only shuffled a few pices of paper each week, as opposed ot the army's rather more liberal aproach "its in your office you move it"

    sometimes the lean green machine has closed eyes and ears to the injured, and the most voracious are oftne those who have sufferd some ailment in the past nad been given the time to fight there way back, some people either dont want ot fight there way back or dont know how to so the last thing they need is abuse.

    of course they might be genuine workshy malingerers who need nothing more than to actually put in some effort to toe the line.
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