PAP 10 process

Hello everyone, I needed some of your friendly advice in this matter. I was told by RMO that they need to do pap10 process as i was MND due to ACL Ligament rupture during PT session. It was occured in november 2009. Since then i had Three Surgeries on my Knee, Still its not getting better at all. There is Always pain, Cant jog, limping and Back n Other knee is compensating due to injury. Hence i would like to know that what do i get if i have been put under pap10 process.

I m private and done 5 years in the army and on new 05 scheme. I already got compo for my injury in 2010. Hence will i get any financial payout plus pension when i get out??

Your advise in this matter will be highly respected
Greetings, sorry to hear bout the fucked knee, there are quite a few threads on this already. Each one is case by case so best off chatting with you med staff and chain of command.

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All medical discharges come under pap 10. If it is a RECU discharge you will not be getting any money for it.

If it is what's called a P8 discharge this has financial benefits.

Doesn't help you too much I know, but worth ringing the med centre to see what they have planned for you.

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