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Discussion in 'Armed Forces Pension Scheme' started by ketch24, Mar 27, 2012.

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  1. so im due to be released from service through the pap 10 process within the next few months. it's 100% on medical grounds from an injury i 'gained' on herrick. ive served 5 years 5 months and ovbiously on the new scheme. ive already claimed and received a lump sum from the afcs.

    anyway, my questions are.....

    what pension do i get? and is it calculated to a 'prospective rank' i would have attained if i finished my full 22??

    can i claim again through pax and afcs? (if anybody has done so please can i have details)

    and do i get a full resettlement??

    my injuries will limit any future employment i want to go for so im trying to find out all information possible.

  2. 1. Your 'pension' will be a GIP - Guaranteed Income Payment. This is Tax-Free for the rest of you life payable monthly. It depends on what level you came under on the AFCS, your age and your current rank. As an example - I am level 5 therefore i will recieve 75% of my yearly salary, reduced slightly by my age but then enhanced by my current rank. Don't attempt to do the calulations yourself, speak to someone at the SPVA and ask for a GIP forcast.

    Generally speaking, it's alot better than the old war pension, Tax-Free and a salary on it's own.

    2. I'm not sure if you are aware of this, but you can-not calim your Service Pension and your GIP so by you leaving in effect you will do better in the long run.

    3. I was injured and insured with Pax and i claimmed off both, (I lost a leg so it's very clear cut) your perfectly entiltied to do so. It does depend if your injury is listed under Pax's list of payable injures. A quick search on Google will bring you to there website.

    4. You will get full resettlement in addition to an enhancement, i'm not sure why you think your injury will limit your future employment, 95% of jobs are available to me with only one leg so if your ankle is your only injury?? i would not worry too much.

    5. Speak to your CoC about these issues, it's their job to make sure you are sorted out. By you coming on here asking questions is by-passing the system and clearly you deserved to be briefed properly!
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  3. Your AFPS 05 pension and your AFCS benefits are separate in law and the AFCS benefits are reduced to take account of up to 75% of your pension. Where this happens the income from these schemes becomes tax free.

    Your AFPS 05 pension is calculated by taking your actual service and adding to it a proportion of the service your could have given until age 55. The proportion depends upon which Tier you are being medically discharged under. If it is Tier 2 you get a third of your prospective service to age: if it is Tier 3 you get half of your prospective service to age 55. A Tier 1 ill-health discharge does not attract an immediate pension. Instead the pension, which is not enhanced, and the pension lump sum is preserved until age 65 but a lump sum is paid from another scheme to help adjustment to civilian life.

    You ask if you can claim again under AFCS. The Forces Pension Society does not lead on this (it is the Royal British Legion) but I do know that AFCS awards purport to have built in the deterioration of health over time. If it is a new claim you are considering, there is a window during which such claims will be considered. I am not certain whether it is 5yrs or 7yrs but TRBL will guide you on that.

    If you need more help, join The Forces Pension Society and we will go through all this with you - Forces Pension Society - Fighting for the forces and their families .
  4. thanks for both replies.

    ive been told that i am to be 'discharged under Q.R 9.385 ceasing to fulfil army medical req that is medically unfit under existing standards'

    where would i find out which 'tier' i fall under?

    also my chf clk has already directed me towards the forces pension society which i will be joinin in the next couple of days
  5. If you look at the AFCS Tariff table, the split is as follows:

    Tier 1 - Tariff levels 12-15
    Tier 2 - Tariff levels 7-11
    Tier 3 - Tariff levels 1-6

    In essence, it must be a medical discharge for a condition attracting the AFCS GIP to get a pension paid immediately.

    For those new to this trail, this is for AFPS 05 only.
  6. hi All,
    I'm on AFPS 75 and have served 8years have been told by the unit mo that I am to be put infront of a medical board for a injury statained on herrick. I am at home on sick leave and have filled out all the the FMED 24 personal statment? where do I stand as the MO says my future in the army is finished? And I will find it hard to find another job as it is my back that is irraperable damage and will have to take pain medication for the rest of my life?
  7. my afcs tariff is level 7 (gip 50%) and so would be tier 2, does this mean i will receive a lump sum and pension?

    also what are the pro's and cons on either taking my pension with my gip or preserving my pension? i really cant get much sense out of people or straight answers.

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  8. That, as you say, puts you in Tier 2 which means an enhanced pension and lump sum payable straight away. As far as I know, you have no option to preserve your ill health pension.
  9. If they medically retire you, you will get an ill health pension and lump sum straight away. There is none of juggling with Tiers that occurs with AFPS 05 members.

    I will respond to your PM later today.
  10. thankyou for your reply,

    i am in my resettlement brief tomorrow so hopefully more will become clear,

    once again, thanks for all help