Pap 10?????? Med discharge?????? Admin under med grounds??????? Help

Discussion in 'Armed Forces Redundancy Scheme 2010' started by Hollis's way, Mar 20, 2013.

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  1. Hi all.

    Here goes, Ok so back in 2008 i was diagnosed with Crone's Disease after many trips to various hospitals and many tablets later that My Regiment transferred me to the PRU in Catterick back in 2012 where i am still attending.

    I applied for AFCS for my illness and i was awarded a war pension which i am currently receiving, the reason i get this is because i left the army back in 2004 and re-joined 2005 so the SPVA are giving me the war pension because of the break in service and have admitted that my illness was attributable to service.

    Yesterday i had to see the Occupational Health and had a medical grading review, which they said i will be p7 MND and i am to return to so form of work doing a few hours 3 days a week to ease me back into it. They then mentioned i would the be Administrative discharged due to medical reasons (KIck in the teeth )as i was led to believe i would be medically discharged (Benefits and pension).

    16yrs service (correct me if i am wrong) for nothing feel like i have been threw in the trash, All my career reports are excellent and i was well on my way through the ranks.

    Can someone explain what benefits and pension or lump sum i am due to receive if any.. i am not looking at figures just info.

    and plus the SPVA have said the service is to blame will this make any difference to med discharge or admin discharge pap10.

    I thank you all very much for the help you all give and hope someone can shed some light.
  2. I take it you mean crohns and not crones.

    Crohns disease due to army service.??

    I thought you are born with the diease and it usually shows up when your in your twenties?? Its an extreme form of IBS because my missus has a similar condition.

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  3. It's not known how people get the illness alot of it is due to stress and diet plus environment everything an infanteer goes through.
  4. Stress, diet etc can..increase the symptoms of Crohn's.
    But As you correctly said no one knows the cause.
    I can't see any way that it could ever be proven that your service caused it.

    If it were possible, in today's claim culture you'd be looking at a serious payout from your employer.

    All the best, I hope you get what you're entitled to.
  5. See your PM
  6. Dont get me wrong mate i hope your sorted out soon, but why cant they have just treated you for the crohns ?? Seems a waste of a good career. From what ive read, it looks like though not simple it can be treated and you could lead a normal life with some diet changes and daily intake of TNF blockers and antib`s which occur naturally in some foods.
    But it can be a life threating condition also which is why im guessing they are PAP10 you atm. Make sure you get in contact with RBL or SAAFA for some advice.
    Good Luck