Pap 10 information for all.

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by LGEE, Mar 15, 2012.

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  1. Hello to all, thought I would update you on PAP 10.

    My husband has just had all his PAP 10 payouts, so I wanted to warn you all of what you may be entitled to.

    He was on the 05 pension scheme, he had done 19 years service.

    He got :

    EDP of just over £28,000
    EDP pension of £399.45 per month.
    And because his injury was registered before April 2005 he was considered under the war pension scheme.
    They were kind enough to combine his injurys which were attrubutable to service, so he has 20% disability, which qualified him for £31.90 per week pension.

    And that is all he is entitled to. The loverly people of the British Legion have had a look at his case, and they said he was one of the lucky ones. And there was no more we could do, unless any of you out there can find a loop-hole in the PAP 10 system.
  2. Hi there,Can i ask what rank your fella is??? i to am on my 19 year point but i am on the 75 scheme and thats pretty bad i thought both the lump sum and the pension is on the low side. I am not sure how much difference there will be i have had a printout sent from SPVA and they have said a lump sum close to 40K and a tax free pension of 11.5K, is your fellasa pension tax free and has that lump sum been taxed? can i be nosey and ask what his injuries are.Thanks for you info and hope things go well for you both.....
  3. What rank was he?