pap 10 how does it work ??

8 months ago i was downgraded to p7 MND temp after sustaining a non freezing cold injury on ex which prevented me deploying. 8 months later i discovered i had two ruptured ligaments in my ankle also an injury accured in service while in training, prior to non freezing cold injury. it was decided i needed surgery but for personel reasons could not commit to surgery.
i had a med review which resulted in my downgrading further to p7 MND perm and the pap 10 RECU process was briefly mentioned by my doc. on the belief of a pending pap 10 i began to investigate .currently their has been a lot of confliction about who starts the process off, the medical centre are saying the ball can not start rolling until an appendix 26 is written by my unit which is sent off to ROHT and subsiquently a risk assessment is made, and my unit are saying no we need the medical centre to send us your docs before we can start anything etc. To me, neither one knows whats going on, and its a good job i started asking questions as clearly both were waiting for the other to start it off.

my question is on average (with a proactive) unit how long does it take for a pap 10 - what am i entitled to etc
and any advice at all for my situation would be great

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