Pap 10 - does any one have any answers ????

Hello all, thanks for all the advice to those whom replied to my last message.

I do have another question if anyone is able to answer. I know that my husband is being compensated for his injuries and getting his pension, but does anyone know what the time frame is for receiving any information regarding the pay out package.We have friends who have been made redundant and they have received all the relevant information, of knowing when they are getting out and their financial package, but being PAP 10 you are not told anything.

My husband has spent hours on the phone talking to different people and he always gets the same answer, that 'nobody knows' or 'we can't tell you

We don't want the money straight away, but it would be helpful to know and have the information in writting just so we can get the family sorted out.

Long message, I know. But will be greatful for any info.
Speak to SPVA. I've been told you can even get someone to visit you at home to explain things if they are complicated.


Dingerr is right, although if the files haven't been sent to SPVA yet they will not be able to give you figures for compensation. You should be able to get a rough idea on pension from your unit and SPVA as it is very easy to work out as the details are given in JSP 765.

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