Pap 10 discharge, Type 1 Diabetes

Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by Stew078, Jan 19, 2013.

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  1. Iv only been in the Army for 7 years about 2 years ago I was diagnosed with type 1 Diabetes, long story short my medical grade is now P7 MND which automatically means I am going to go through pap 10 and RECU process and will end up being discharged from the Army, I want to know weather i will be entitled to any sort of medical pension from the day I leave or any payout, I have been writing letters and speaking to RAO for last few months and have yet to be given any information on this, can someone please advise me, or direct me to some sort of Calculator? Or even be kind enough to work it out for me, I have served just over 7years, my discharge date will roughly be at my 8year point, I'm on AFPS 05 my pay level is level 9 high band LCpl and as my Medical Condition is Type 1 Diabetes, AFCS has already turned down my application for Compensation as it is not attributable to service,
  2. Speak to SPVA on Monday.
  3. Already spoke to them, they just fobbed me off n told me to write a letter to Glasgow which I did, They replied saying they couldn't give me any guidance on how much i would be entitled to until my med details where on JPA, or untill my PAP 10 paperwork had been generated,
  4. Guess what the answer to your question is then????
  5. Stew I too am a diabetic in the pap10 process, I am a high band level 3 fullscrew, done just short of 6 years and have just been told I will be discharged on tier 1. I am getting a lump sum of 22k and a preserved pension of £2500. not what i was expecting as another guy i no who has type1 got a full med discharge: 7600pa untaxable pension and 26k lump sum, he is waiting for his war pension to be worked out still.

    from networking and trawling the net I have found there are a variety of different categories T1 diabetics have been discharges under. As T1 diabetes is the same whether its in you me or the next guy I dont really understand the irregularities between these discharges as all the decisions are made by the same people up in glasgow.

    Gimme a PM if u wanna chat further mate, be good to hear someone else's story
  6. My story well, i was diagnosed with type 1 Diabetes about 2yrs ago. About 2 weeks after i had finished a arduous course, The Consultant told me that my Diabetes could have been caused by the sleep deprivation and stress from the course as there was no family history of Diabetes. I went back to work and was straight away graded as P3 MLD with no restrictions at all on my app 9 just need to have acces to medication other than that it was normal Jogging could do everything all exercises everything. Untill about a year ago when i was posted. Got to my new Regiment and immediatly started build up training for Herrick 17. i was down to deploy as a field section commander, i was away on CFX 17 or FTX 17 i cant remember which when i was informed throught my chain of command. The civi locam Doctor had been reviwing my med DOCs and had changed my Grade and i was now P7 MND perm. and would be going through the PAP 10 process. So straight back to Camp to have a show down with the Doctor and find out why the **** he had changed my Med Grade when he had never even seen me b4, also why the chain of command had been informed of my medical shit b4 i had. and why i had been allowed to do all pre deployment training to now find i wasnt deploying. I had a very interesting conversation with the Civi Doctor and decided to submit a formal appeal against my Medical grading using JSP 346 Chap 4 para 4.55b if i remember rightly clearly states that all personal with type 1 Diabetes and DOES not have any othe complications should be graded P3 MLD. I waited months and months to here a outcome. meanwhile my Regt deployed and i was stuck back in the UK doing a ****ing shitty Desk Job with the ROG. i was informed by my RCMO that he had spoke to some Col at Occ health and he had advised my RCMO that i would be graded P8 and be Medicaly discharged. however i had my medical board at Occ Health and they decided to give me a strange grade of P7 MLD instead which means i can deploy to certain places but Occ health have to sign me off to go away instead of the unit MO. I now have the option to try and stay in the Army as long as possible until they decide to start my PAP 10 paperwork or just ask the RCMO to start it now, and seen as i only appealed to go and do a final tour of Afghan (because havent been since herrick 9) and now that isnt possible Im definatly edging towards getting out. Iv just been****ed about the last 2 yrs stuck in desk Job and getting fed of fighting to stay. Morale is rock bottom but still want to know all the financial aspects b4 i make my descision. and i thought A type 1 Diabetic would be discharged under Tier 2 as there are very clear Job Restrictions, these are just some of the jobs you cant do. Pilot, Train driver, HGV driver, Work offshore, Bus driver, Close protection, Work at heights alone plus the time off work thats needed for all Med appointments and Check ups. + if you ever do fall ill or get any complications then your stuck with Govt benefits, how the **** they can discharge u in anything other than a tier 2 is beyond me. and if i was to get discharged with Tier 1 i would be appealing and seeking Legal advice. which is what i plan to do anyway and put a service complaint in for the whole business over the last 2 yrs and ****ing my life about and leaving me in Limbo and at the end of the day. if you can prove yourself to be able to do everything and anything the Army ask of you and they still want rid then thats discrimination and in other European Army's Soldiers have taken the Army to European court of humen rights for discrimination and unfair dismissal and won with very similar cases. so if they wanna **** me about with payouts thats what il be doing and using what you have told me about some diabetics getting discharged under Tier 2 and some under Tier 1. its the same ****ing Condition!!
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  7. I've had a very similar experience to you, diagnosed just after my JCLM and research has put links between stress and overload PT with T1. My boss recieved an email from the company 2ic saying that I had been made P7 perm, there had been no interaction with me and my doc didnt even know it had happened, very strange!! Where r u posted mate? I'm down in tidworth, be good to meet up for a chat as we cud fill this forum up with our rants. I have spoke to many others about their experiences and feel we should pool our knowledge and agree the Army should be challenged on their unfair and inconsistent handling of diabetics.
  8. I'm based at 21 Engineer regiment in Ripon bit of a treck from tidders but yea would be very interested to know about every other T1 Diabetics experiance with the Army if you come across any1 Else's stories or experiance with T1 Diabetes let me know or if your serving or previously served post on here and let us know
  9. After reading the thread below I know what you are
    both going through. I was diagnosed with type 1 in 2004, and been moved from one shit job to the next. Every year my appendix 8 has went In and been accepted no problem. Untill now. I was told it will be rejected next time it goes to Glasgow. I think that it will be late this year, but nobody tells you anything so thats just a guess. I knew one boy who was kicked out for type 1, but I wouldn't take his word as gospel as to how much he got lump sum. There is another one from the battalion who has all ready been told that his appendix 8 has been rejected. So I'm watching his case very closely.
  10. I too have been diagnosed type 1 (march 13). I have served for just under 11 years. I am waiting for Glasgow to give me a date. Where did you find out what you were getting and was that before your discharge?

    Incidentally my consultant has put in my notes that my condition is due to an incident on tour last year, trauma and stress related.

    Any info gravely appreciated

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  11. i was diagnosed T1 over 4 years ago and had a good job in a technical role with long hours and much travelling over seas including op areas. it all went fine, until i was posted last year to an easier, less stressful role with no travel requirement and i was downgraded from p3 to p7. my control has been good trhoughout and because of being downgraded further my SMO wouldn't allow me to attend my JNCO CLM so have been de-selected form Cpl. my app18 and 22 have been produced and sent to Glasgow. i have been told by my CO that he has heard from Glasgow and they will not retain me in the army. There is no easier job out in civvy street than the one i am doing now so they can't seriously leave me on the tier 1 pay outs. i am a postie ffs. so the Army can't keep a postie in. there is no hope for the world.
  12. I was diagnosed Type 1 in 2003 and initially threatened by M&RO with discharge. I was down graded to P7 but managed to get that changed to P3. Luckily I managed to complete my 22 in 2007 and got my full pension. I made a claim against the MOD and was awarded just over £ 5000 as i stated it was caused by injections received during first Gulf. Im still fit and healthy although it affects all sorts of things like car insurance life insurance critical illness cover to name a few. Good luck as the MOD don't know shit about Diabetes.
  13. In addition to the above this website can be useful for anyone wanting advice and information.

    I was diagnosed Type 1 January 2013 after being taken to hospital with DKA and blood sugar of 26.5, while having a bout of bad cold. 6 months later it changed to Type 2 with tablets and diet as I queried as why my blood sugar is so stable, typically between 4.0 to 8.0 all this when I was reducing my insulin injection gradually to find my level, after 3 month of no injection there were no major dramas,. I am still allowed to serve in the ACF as its not deployable, its a matter of letting the MO know before annual camp with possibel control measure in place, so if you are discharged from the Army, you could consider applying to join the ACF if you still want to do something with your military experience.
  14. Dose Adjustment For Normal Eating (DAFNE) is a course i would encourage every Type 1 Diabetic to attend. This will open your eyes to what can be achieved with a little bit of planning. I've always had fairly good control ( HBA1C of 7) but found this course interesting and informative.