Pap 10 discharge on medical grounds

Discussion in 'Armed Forces Redundancy Scheme 2010' started by scott8188, Oct 1, 2012.

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  1. I was told today that i will be getting a Pap 10 discharge on medical grounds and wondering what i wilhappend to me now and what to expect in the near future as ive not got a clue please help
  2. There's plenty of advice on here. Do a search.
  3. Anyone got the discharge cell contact number please
  4. Ive just been told im getting 10,ooo for my pap 10 med distcharge and full resettlement
  5. can anyone help me.right here goes. my plan as to sign off in january this year and i let rqt qmt know and they understood why.i then got told to wait because theres this pap 10 thing which i didnt know much of and didnt anyone else.i then found out i was on tranche 2 redundancy.i had the paperwork ready in front of me which i thought yeah why not.i had used the redundancy claculator and said i would get £53,654 or close to it.i had put the same information in a few times and it brought the same figures.i then found out i had been taken of the redundancy list through an email i saw from glasgow to our old said something about i as under the bmmrs so i then go into the pap 10 bracket.
    I have hearing loss and i have got compartment syndrome on both my lower legs.
    I then find out the application was rejected at the end of june.i get told of the rcmo that the paper work was getting re-submitted and re-worded.i found out again last week of the new rcmo that the paper work was again job at the minute is working in the qmt department.i cant go on the ranges or work in high noise environment,i cant complete fitness test due to my legs.i first got compartment syndrome in 2004,i had the operation in then came back in afghan in 2010.can anyone give me any advice on what i should do next please.i just feel i have been completely fobbed of.thanks
  6. Without meaning to be rude, your post is very difficult to read and comes across poorly. If I read it correctly, the army are keeping you in but you want to leave, but only if the money is right?

    If you are medically downgraded you should have, at some time, had a medical board during which you will have been considered for upgrading, carrying on with a temporary downgrading or considered for permanently downgrading:

    Occasions for Review of PULHHEEMS Assessment

    0206. All Ranks.

    a. Annually when deployability coding is other than MFD. This review will not normally need a consultation and can be based on a review of the medical record with input from the employer, as needed. Any changes to the assessment will require the individual’s consent for the release of the Appendix 9 (therefore requiring a consultation).

    b. Prior to substantiation or confirmation of the appropriate authority for an individual to move from one career stage to another and the conversion of engagement or commission.

    c. Before termination of full-time service with the Regular Army, in accordance with para 0604. This includes those on mobilised service and FTRS.

    d. Additionally when required by regulations (an example is annual aircrew medicals).

    e. Before proceeding overseas if required after checking medical documents against medical standard required.

    f. On the 57th day of a period of light duties.

    0207. Soldiers. On the application for change of engagement, extension or continuance in the Service, the PULHHEEMS assessment is to be verified by a check of medical and Service documents and a personal interview. A medical examination is to be carried out if considered necessary.

    So, unless you are MFD the PAP 10 process should be automatically carried out by your unit in conjunction with APC; you cannot instigate it yourself. If the process has already started (and that is not really clear from your post but I suspect it has and your unit failed to complete the necessary paperwork correctly) your unit has to get involved and follow the procedures in PAP 10 otherwise not only will they embarrass themselves but they will do you a disservice by keeping you in to a point where you could be administratively discharged and leave with nothing.

    I suggest you:

    • ask your RCMO for clarification of whether the unit are pursuing PAP 10 in your case and if so where they are at with it.
    • get hold of PAP 10 and read it so you know what may happen and what you can do about it if you're not happy with the decision to discharge you.
    • speak to your pay staff or admin guru's so you learn more about the process, what questions to ask certain people/appointments and who officially to contact for information relevant to your case, especially AFCS application(s) and pensions.
    • join the Forces Pension Society and Royal British Legion.
  7. I don't think you'll get the ten grand - PAP10 is a medical discharge so you'll get an instant pension (you can work that out on the MOD pension calculator which you can find through Google) which is a fairly large payout and a monthly pension too - dependant of course on your time of service, rank etc

    If you've served between 12 and 16 years (from memory) then you would normally get a £10,000 resettlement grant however you do not get this if you get a medical pension.

    My pension payout turned out a lot higher than the £10k so with a bit of luck you'll be in the same boat.
  8. Just to be clear, if you get an invaliding pension, you don't get the resettlement grant. Sometimes 'full resettlement' is taken to include the resettlement grant but that is only payable if you do the required number of years service and leave with no other terminal benefits. Send me a PM if you have any specific questions and I will do my best to help.
  9. hi,
    sorry if my last info as un-readable,basically am down graded p7 for my hearing and my legs.its not just about if the money is right.i am just confused because i was on the redundancy tranche 2 then to be told that i was taken of the list because i was then subject to pap 10,i fully understand that the regiment are the ones that activate the pap 10,i just dont understand why its being rejected twice.
    like i said in my earlier post i wanted to sign of as done my time and i have a newborn son,i just wish the regiment let me go for the redundancy as i think i would of got it and be out in december 2012.i got told to wait to sign off.i feel they have completely messed me about in the last 10 months,i have various interviews with the rcmo,my bsm,my bc.they even told me to do my resslettlent even though i didnt have a clue ether i ould get pap 10 medical discharge.i just need some info,what would you do in my case if you understand what am saying?i have had a few people saying to get a solicitor involved because the way i have been treated but i dont think that would do anything.
    i have also been told by a captain to wait and see what happens with this pap 10,if its rejected then go for redundancy tranche 3 or sign off.anyone help
  10. If your p7 you are not eligible for redundancy, only those p3 and above are eligible for redundancy you will fall into the pap10 list instead
  11. I know you have to do 9 (officers) or 12 years service but why should you not get the Resettlement grant if you are PAP 10'd ?
  12. Because you get an immediate pension - you can only get one or the other.

  13. Spot on.
  14. I thought it was anyone who was permanently downgraded.