PAP 10 - being under the required standard

Below the medical standards to be retained by PAP 10
I received confirmation this week through my chain of command, that I have been graded as below the minimum standard required to retained by my Corps and I am in a CEG of Comms Sys Op that is overly manned for Sgt's.

If I cannot find another Corps / Arms that will take me in my un-deployable capacity I will be medically discharged under the PAP 10.

I have seen the 12 year old boy aka as the AGC (Det Comdr), who tried to sell the resettlement package but he knew nothing of anything financial packages.

I had heard but not sure if its true that if you get medically discharged you get your wages as a lump sump as if it they were added together for your remaining service until your contract would be ended.

Thus for me a Sgt with 7 years remaining is nearly £240,000.
plus what ever pension is given...

Is there any truth to this?
Any guidance would help
It is my understanding that the PAP 10 process has been brought in to ensure that everyone employed in the Army is contributing something in their specific trade. If this is not possible then a person will be retained by the CoC if they are able to be employed elsewhere in the Regt for example, a driver as the RP Cpl etc... If this is not the case then a transfer to another trade within Corps is sought and should this not be possible a transfer to a new Cap Badge.

With out knowing the specifics of your case, if you are deemed fit for a transfer to a new role in a different capbadge yet they do not have space for you, it is unlikely you will get medically discharged from the Army. You are still deemed fit for service of some kind and therefore will be admin discharged and given your full resettlement entitlement and pension. If you are deemed not medically fit for service then you will be classified as the old P8 and only then medically discharged. As you have been given the option to transfer I'm guessing you are not being medically discharged.... I may be wrong.

In regards to the £240,000, I find it hard to believe that you will be given a lump sum which would dwarf a 3 Star Pension entitlement and a figure that is only comparible to the compensation given to RAF clerks with RSI of the fingers. As a Sgt you've got the sense to realise that you'll probably get what ever JPA gives you.

As I have said before, I may be wrong but I have had some experience with the unfortunate task of completeing the necessary PAP 10 paperwork for a few soldiers. If your Regt has a SAM clerk then go and see them otherwise email all of your questions to your AO or OC. It isn't a case of the Army is against you and everybody should aim to keep you fully informed.
I have spent all day looking into this!!!

There has been no clarification from JPAC as they state once I have completed my FMB and the details have then gone through the SPVA a final figure will be given.

for myself I have completed 15 years a Level 5 Sgt on £35570 per year, in the AFPS 75....

I think I may have been a little delusional with I am likely to receive.

for my lump sump

any compensation for being forced to leave the army early

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