Panzer trg goes west - or not


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Reuters said:
Government drops army tank training deal

LONDON - The government has dropped a planned 1 billion pound military training contract earmarked last year for a consortium led by Canada's CAE , the Ministry of Defence said on Wednesday.

The Armoured Vehicles Training Service programme was intended to teach crews how to use driver, gunnery and command information systems for 14 different types of tank and armoured vehicle.

The MoD announcement came after a detailed assessment concluded that the proposed 30-year "private finance initiative" deal with the Landmark Training consortium did not offer value for money.

"I realise this will be disappointing for the bidders," Defence Procurement Minister Lord Drayson said.

"However, robust decisions need to be taken, and we will only proceed with such a long-term commitment of public money where we are confident of a successful, value-for-money outcome for our Armed Forces and the taxpayer."

CAE said in a statement it had not included the AVTS deal in its financial plans because the contract negotiations were in their preliminary stages.

The MoD had selected Landmark Training as its intended preferred bidder for the programme last July.

As well as CAE, the Landmark consortium included AugustaWestland -- a subsidiary of Italy's Finmeccanica SpA -- and Britain's Interserve .

The MoD had planned to sign a final contract for the training programme with Landmark some time this year.

So all this talk of more dosh to the forces was just that then...... talk ?
Good, thought for a chilling moment that the politicos actually meant what they said.
My company was involved with this bid. Seven years work and God knows how many millions of pounds wasted. To say that I'm gutted would be an understatement. Bliar and his gang of crooks have wasted so much money in Iraq that this was an obvious target for cost-cutting. Bastards.


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Oh well, who will train the trainers?

Who will guard the guards?

Who will pay us when the money runs out? Oh thats has.