Panzer Regiment No 1 1935-45

Panzer Regiment No 1 1935-45


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Panzer Regiment No 1 1935-45 - The first German Panzer Regiment in text and illustration.

This is a large ‘picture book’ size 250 x 300mm but only about 15mm thick, it has some very interesting never before seen photographs. Each photograph has a full lengthy description in German and then another caption below in English; there are well over a hundred and fifty good images.

The book starts with the formation of the No1 Panzer Regiment in 1935 at Erfurt , with some really good images of the recruits going through their basic training; and then on to their armoured training. When...
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This is exactly what happened to 15/19H. Sacrificed on the altar of the River Dendre near Brussels, 18 May 1940, they rebuilt, and every time they got up to strength, a cadre was taken away.

Eventually got back into the game in August 1944.

And yes, the regimental history describes it as depressing.

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