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I live in Hawai'i and I'm looking for some really tough all weather socks, trousers, and shorts. I found this site when looking reviews for Lowa combat boots. I was going to purchase the Lowa Combat GTX but I read that it doesn't work well in hot weather. Since I'm in Hawai'i, that boot would be terrible for here so I'm going to purchase the Lowa Mega Camp. I had some custom molded insoles made years ago so I think that should work to replace the Lowa factory insoles that everyone says is of crappy quality.

My question to you all is what are the toughest socks, trousers, and shorts that I can purchase to use in any situation. I will mostly be using them for everyday civilian use since I am not in the military but I do love military grade clothing and boots since I play very hard and am very hard on my clothing similar to the military lifestyle. (I farm, hike, kayak, mountaineer, etc.) For my socks now, they always end up having holes where the toe is. For my trousers and shorts now, they always rip at the location where my groin and butt is. I do a lot of heavy lifting when I farm and do gardening.

One site I was looking at so far is:
Men's Work Pants - Duluth Trading Company

I see that has a few reviews of socks(no trousers or shorts though) but I'm still unsure. Thank you in advance for your recommendations/advice.
FWIW - I've been using DTC (Duluth Trading Co) stuff for years - it's excellent!
That seems like a good product (Utilikilt) but the price is over $200 and I don't see it listed on Amazon. Any other venues to purchase it through that is affordable?
@spaz - What is Mega Camp pants/shorts? I don't see anything on Google...

@jarrod248 - But I don't need any underwear... I use jockey underwear and they work ok. Although I wouldn't mind finding some very oil-resistant underwear/nightwear...

@eodmatt - I would try those freshfeet socks but since they can't be ordered via anyone in the USA (not on usa amazon), I will have to skip out on them unfortunately.
I don't understand. There are no pants for sale at that site. That is underwear, thongs, and swimwear... Do you all call underwear 'pants' in the UK?

Pants or trousers | SpanishDict Answers

In the UK we would never use the word "pants" for trousers without a modifier - we might (just) say "cargo pants", but it would be very unusual.

Pants here come into the category of what my grandmother would have called "unmentionables" , and are very definately underwear.

Jeans are jeans, but everything else, male or female, is "trousers".
I guess you all do call underwear "pants". LOL! I am going to edit the original post so that no-one else is confused here. Thank you for the correction.

So, what word do you use for the US definition of pants? I am not sure how to edit my original post...

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