Pantone colour reference-Para maroon

A friend is putting up a Para related website.he's looking for the reference colour pantone code for the Airborne maroon colour.Can anyone help please?
Well looking at the Para MOD website ( ), they are using the web colour #660033, which is equal to RGB 102, 0, 51 or CMYK 40% 100% 55% 46%.

According to PhotoShop, the closest Pantone colour to that being 222 C

That's if they're using the exact colour on the website.
Airborne Pink?


muhandis89 said:
The name of the guy is Robert(Bob) Pritchard,and the site will be called Oculus,I believe
Are you bluffing? Really planning to have the panels of your Smart car done :wink:

:puker: I ask because I saw a DPM Smart the other week :pukel:
Not bluffing! However I have an ex 3 Para friend,who's made several millions,and is having his blue heli repainted,a proper maroon colour.It's a twin engined MD chopper.
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