Panthers Claw At End

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Ritch, Jul 27, 2009.

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  1. The major operation dubbed Panther's Claw, in which nine British troops were killed in Afghanistan, has ended.
    Commanders say the five-week mission cleared the Taliban from an area the size of the Isle of Wight and comes ahead of elections next month.
    British troops will remain to secure the area won for three to six months, the MoD said.
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  2. Is this a victory? -- Can the military come home now?
  3. So home for Christmas then? :D
  4. What the fcuk? So we're staying there for three to six months, then pissing off again?

    Surely it would be a better idea to keep the bloody land :/
  5. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Might be time enough to stick up a string of high-tech sigint towers, fortify the villages, booby-trap all the bits the talibs might want that we don't, schmooze the villagers and townies, build intel, and of course, chase the remaining talibs around the desert with mobile columns and apaches.
  6. Hopefully, as you said, the initiative can be retained and built on.

    Regardless of the politics (as vitally important as they are), well done to those that achieved what they did. A hard job done well.
  7. Just been reported by MOD two soldiers killed in separate explosions. NOK informed... no further details.

    Clearly the Taliban don't think its over.

    RIP lads.
  8. I think there will be no end to the Coalition taking casualties anytime soon.

    Is there an alternative to pressing on with this war?.
  9. Good to see that after much fighting an area the size of the Isle of Wight is under control of Coalition forces and clear of the Taliban, it only took 5 weeks and the lives of 11 UK Soldiers.

    So using the above as a benchmark we could secure all of Helmand Province in only 427 weeks (that’s just over 8 years) with only 4,703 casualties.

    Or if we really went for it, the whole of Afghanistan in 41 (ish) years and at a human cost of only 20,200 lives.

    Just a thought!
  10. are you even in the army? i wouldnt be suprised to hear that you weren't.
    yes, afghan is hard. and the path is a long one.
    yes, many of us have lost friends.
    that doesnt mean we should just bin it.
    a good percentage of those who leave bastion and go up country now either knew what they were getting into when they joined (post TELIC) or have spent many a tour of bosnia wanting to be tested like they are.

    for those of us who have been there, the 8 years analogy is a little far fetched

    i am sure that the progress through the bocage (sic?) was much slower than that made after the break out. as with ops red dagger, eagles summit and the retaking of musa quela, panthers claw dominated the enemy and imposed our will on them - although significant casualty rates resulted.

    as for staying for three/six months then moving on: the way of the fighting out there is that the ANA+ANP are the best to hold ground, but will never take it like we can, so if we kick terry's back doors in then they stag on, fair play to everybody.

    let's not become too cynical. it is not just other cynics who read this: we will be there for a while, and that needs recruitment and retention of the younguns
  11. What???

    But we've just completed the operation! We won! It's over! Why are they still fighting? Don't they read the news :?

    The dumb f*s