Panther - the "ultimate Chelsea tractor"?

The Panther has been given an extensive write-up in today's Telegraph:

Article on Panther

where he appears to admit that it is a fine beast!

Unfortunately, he then follows on by giving the MOD and DPA a good kicking for the procurement process.

The MOD can't win, can it?

Could be worse, they could have gone for the alternative BAE version. Witness,

Although of course that wouldn't include the heavy weaponry since it's obviously superfluous to requirement and got cut as a cost saving measure to get the price back down to £380K per unit. :)

Although I do hear that the RTR are very interested. ;)
Must admit I am a bit lost on this one.
Is it a replacement for the Land Rover or is it a New Class of vehicle.
Price seems very high not that I have a problem with the Man doing the biz having the best of kit.
Would I be right in 'Assuming' that all will dispatched to Iraq & Ganistant where the troops really need the best of gear.
More to the point, what will they be used for? Protection of VIPs?

They don't seem commensurate with the British Army's method of patrolling. It's all well and good having a remote controlled MG on the roof, but if this is the only out-going ordnance that's available and the ROE only allows deliberate shooting, will it have to be surrounded by WMIKs?

Nice to think that somebody is considering protecting the troops, but I can't help seeing this vehicle as something of a challenge to the opposition, rather than a threat.

Wait for the MkII version sporting a turret and Browning MGs a la Lancaster mid-upper turret.
I think it's meant to be a new intermediate stage between the Land Rovers and Mastiffs from what I can make out although it does look a bit Mastiff-esque protection-wise so I'm not completely sure. Got to be better than the old Snatch Land Rovers although they do seem bloody expensive.

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