Pant sniffer caught! Fined £250


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Made me larrff.. .. ..

A PERVERT who stole hundreds of pairs of knickers from neighbours was fined £250 yesterday.

David Tabb, 58, took 43 pairs when he house sat for married Lisa Buley, 41.

He was infatuated with her and his diary told how he would lay on Lisa's bed with her pants on his head. She called police after being sent the diary.

Hundreds of undies were found at his home in Brix-ham, Devon. He admitted taking 30 pairs from another woman's line.

Torquay JPs ordered him to pay £200 to Lisa.

After the case, she said: "We tried to befriend someone and this is how he repaid us."
Did she not miss the 43 pairs? Why was it only when she saw the diary did she realise??


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No good taking them from the washing line - they're clean (or should be).

Knicker thievery is a fine old traditional hobby, which is in danger of disappearing due to the almost universal use of tumble dryers. I take my hat off to those who still put in the effort to keep it alive.
Ladies, don't be spoilsports, get your smalls out on the line and help to revive this sordid 1970's Benny Hillesque pastime.
I'm so glad nobody has mentioned that anything he said would be taken down and used against him.
Lordy I thought I might be in trouble then with the title...surely its the only way one can tell whether they are suitable to wear for another day!!

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