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For those of you watching this now, let me know if you are up for double tapping these support workers that abuse patients at this hospital. What a ****ing disgrace. I particularly would like to be given 30mins alone with the tatooed fellow.

BBC - Panorama - Panorama
It had Mrs Seagull in tears.

That little fella playing camp commander is welcome to pop around so I can show him how I play Shankill Butcher.
I would hope that the home is closed straight away. One of the most disturbing things I've seen on TV for some time. Wayne needs to be sent down.

Just watching about Mladic now and wondering what the difference between him and that Wayne is? Animals both.
Mrs H_M I have just finished watching this truly appalling example of man's inhumanity to man too. Mrs H_M is now alternating between tears and outrage. It has hit a raw nerve with her given that her mother is terminally ill and is now receiving round-the-clock care, fortuanately within the comfort of her own home and with my father-in-law in constant attendance. There but for the grace of god...
I would hope that the home is closed straight away. One of the most disturbing things I've seen on TV for some time. Wayne needs to be sent down.

Just watching about Mladic now and wondering what the difference between him and that Wayne is? Animals both.
Totally agree,and I wonder what they would do if they were on the receiving end of abuse. Bastards.
It was nothing short of systematic torture and my missus has had to tell me to calm myself down. The bastards. I won't say what I'd like to see happen to them but I really do hope they are prosecuted for this.

edited to add;
Just seen on the BBC news that three men and one woman have been arrested over this. Good. I hope they throw the book at them.

I hope the Police go further because an awful lot more staff there were complicit in this.
Never have i come as close to putting my boot through the screen than i have watching those utter bastards dishing out torture.

I was absolutely bloody enraged, the evil bastards will no doubt now be in hiding if they know what's good for them.

You actually felt totally useless just watching it, they need protecting not abusing. I did feel for that lass getting it in the cold, he was so nails wasn't he? i have a daughter like many of you.
BBC News: 4 arrested, 3 male and 1 female.

Patient abuse labelled 'torture'

A support worker stands on a patient's hand as she is restrained
Police in Bristol have arrested four people after secret filming by BBC Panorama found a pattern of serious abuse at a residential hospital.

Winterbourne View treats people with learning disabilities and autism.

Andrew McDonnell, a leading expert in working with adults with mental disabilities, labelled some of the examples captured on film "torture".

The hospital's owners, Castlebeck, have apologised unreservedly and suspended 13 employees.

Avon and Somerset police confirmed that three men and one woman had been arrested as part of their ongoing investigation into the hospital.

During five weeks spent filming undercover, Panorama's reporter captured footage of some of the hospital's most vulnerable patients being repeatedly pinned down, slapped, dragged into showers while fully clothed, taunted and teased.

Patients punished

The hospital is a privately owned, purpose-built, 24-bed facility and is taxpayer-funded.

Mr McDonnell, a clinical psychologist who viewed the footage, told the programme that basic techniques for dealing with patients with challenging behaviour were ignored.

He said he was shocked by the treatment of vulnerable patients at the hands of those charged with their care.

After seeing footage of an 18-year-old patient named Simone being verbally abused and doused with cold water while fully clothed as a punishment, he said: "This is not a jail...people are not here to be punished.

"This is a therapeutic environment. Where's the therapy in any of this? I would argue this is torture."

Simone's parents told the programme that she had told them she was being abused at the hospital, but they had assured her that it would not be allowed to happen.

"She told us, that she had been hit, her hair had been pulled and she'd been kicked - and I said no, this wouldn't happen, they're not allowed," said the patient's mother.

Professor Jim Mansell, from the University of Kent, is a government advisor on the use of physical restraint for those with developmental disabilities.

He said from the Panorama footage it appeared staff were "waiting to pounce on people and restrain them".

"This is the worst kind of institutional care. It is the kind of thing that was prevalent at the end of the 60s and that led Britain to gradually close the large, long-stay institutions," he added.

Warnings ignored

The programme decided to secretly film after being approached by a former senior nurse at the hospital who was deeply concerned about the behaviour of some of the support workers caring for patients.

Secret filming caught patients being dragged and slapped by support workers
"I have seen a lot over 35 years but this I have never seen anything like this. It is the worst I have seen," Mr Bryan told the programme.

"These are all peoples' sons, daughters, parents, aunties, uncles. These are all people who have got families
Castlebeck's official comment to Panorama:

BBC News - Panorama - Castlebeck

It's good to see a response like this and I hope they follow through. They are responsible for this though, and I hope they are also prosecuted for allowing it to happen. particularly as that Charge nurse blew the whistle to them a year ago. Heads should roll, both with this company and with the Regulator who were also criminally negligent in ignoring the whistleblower who was a well qualified professional with many years of experience.
if someone was so concerned a year ago why weren't the police alerted then?
if someone was so concerned a year ago why weren't the police alerted then?
Good question. The Regulator was contacted but did nothing about it. They didn't have a satisfactory answer for their failure. I don't know why the nurse who blew the whistle didn't contact the Police and I didn't see that mentioned in the programme either.
My wife spent a year in that hell hole and I witnessed her being dragged out of a room I was in and restrained by 6 Workers without any good reason I was horrified by what I saw.... I called the police who told me that they have no Authority to intervene as it is a private hospital I have seen Similar abuse at Other places she has stayed at. All have been reported to the Police,.... But each time I have been told by the police we are powerless. Now it seems they are investigating...... clearly the power of T.V. Well done to the worker who filmed. I hope justice will now be done.
****ing hell....How the hell do people like that look at themselves in the mirror without opening a few arteries?
I had a really tough time sleeping after this. Nothing has kept me from sleeping in years but this is an incredible disgrace. Good to see there is follow up and arrests. We'll see what sentences the courts hand out, i am going to monitor this. The company who owns and operates this (castlebeck) should be banned from doing so in the future, fined and disolved. At the gov authority that sat on their collective hands, heads should roll.

I doubt that a private hospital is beyond the reach of the police, these patients needed protection from their staff. The fact that it is tax funded at 3,500£ a week adds insult to injury.
The first time in a long time I've not slept easy.

That poor girl shaking in fear and look of terror and despair will haunt me for a long time.

I hope that all involved from the people who doled out the 'treatment', to the managers who turned a blind eye, to the regulators who didn't act as they should have, have to share a cell with a ****** sicker than we can imagine for a long time.
Watched this last night and didn't sleep a wink, what a bunch of cowardly, lowlife scumbags. I could have cried for those poor kids, how could you even think of treating such vulnerable people this way.
That cowardly piece of dirt Wayne needs more than a good wellying, that big tattoo is probably a feeble attempt to make up for what he lacks in the brains and trouser department. As for that other blurt who started off as a kitchen porter, what a moron and a cruel sadistic one at that, who the f*** gave this lot their jobs, someone who doesn't give a toss about the people in their care.
As for those great big fat cows of girls just give me half an hour with them, I'd sort em out Greenfinch style, too fat to run fast, (them not me) and of course they would run from anyone who stood up to them bullies always do. They should have been caring and nurturing towards these poor souls not torturing them, I wonder how their families feel about them cos there's no way they can deny it after that programme.
Hopefully when it goes to court the Judge will not be a bleeding heart who cares more about perpetrators than their victims, send em to jail for a long time and let them have a taste of their own medicine.
I've managed to moderate my language but believe me I wasn't last night, let justice be done.

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